How Destiny 2 was improved by ‘The Trial of Osiris’ add-on

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Destiny 2 is a game where you can easily forget everything in the world. On the one hand, this is science fiction, but there are also religious motives. According to the plot of the game, the unknown Wanderer ensured prosperity for humanity and allowed people to settle throughout the solar system. Then Darkness came, and people were forced to retreat to Earth. The enemies pursued them to the end, until only one city remained. And then the Stranger sacrificed himself. As a result of a powerful impulse, the Darkness receded, but the Stranger also died. His last gift to humankind was Ghosts and Guardians. Ghosts are small robotic helpers. Guardians are immortal people endowed with the power of Light. They are called to protect the remaining people from the greedy alien hordes.

The game was initially very popular, but then the players began leaving it, because the plot was rather trivial, and the game was not dynamic. Back then, Bungie released the first major expansion, “The Trials of Osiris”. Players really liked the addon and the ratings went up. It can be quite difficult to complete this addition for new players. Some cannot find the time to play; others cannot find the right team. As a result, many people order trials of Osiris boosting from special services. How does it work? The player selects the desired service and discusses it with the company. Order status can be tracked in real time. While the player is chilling, PRO players fulfill the order.

The problem with the base version of Destiny 2 was that the game ended too quickly for top players. If a player has a lot of experience in such games, or if he has been playing Destiny for a long time, then it is quite easy for him to go through all the missions and get top weapons. So the game developers wanted the players to stay in the game for as long as possible. The “Osiris” addition coped with this task. It’s not a perfect addition, but it does show that the developers are listening to people, willing to experiment and develop the game.

The plot component of the campaign attracts with beautiful videos and decorations. The new location is perhaps the best thing in the game. It seems like you are watching some kind of super-cool movie with space special effects.

Another feature of Destiny 2 was the chic sound part. The creators of the game have been nominated many times for awards from various organizations, including the nomination “Audio Achievement” (BAFTA).

The in-game action takes place on the Mercury planet. During the Golden Age, people also settled it, but after the onset of Darkness they were forced to retreat. Humans have left the cities to the Vex robots, who routinely set about transforming the closest to the Sun planet into a giant supercomputer. The task of the supercomputer is to work out simulations of the past, present and future. Thanks to this feature, players can visit Mercury in different times: they can see how life originated and what will happen to it after many hundreds of years.

In real life, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. In the game, this planet is also inferior in size to the others. It has only one Lost Sector (mini-dungeon) and a Public Event. After passing, three Adventures are opened for players. Adventures can be standard and heroic. The heroic variant is intended for high-level players. At the same time, a significant part of Mercury is the simulation where the triangular portal leads. To get to them, you have to go through the unsteady reality of the Eternal Forest. An amazing combination of light stone, gold, plants and clear skies – players are able to enjoy all these game features. In a sense, Bungie followed in the footsteps of Diablo and created a location that consists of different blocks, and the composition of the enemies changes.

Another hallmark of Destiny 2 is that the game has been, and continues to be, a paradise for weapon fans. There are so many of them that it is difficult to remember which one and what for. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics. The effectiveness of the weapon is greatly influenced by the combination of various parameters. There are three types of weapons – basic, special and power. In this case, the player can equip one weapon of each of the three types, but store nine more of each type in the inventory.

Many players really liked the idea of ​​”craftable” weapons. To collect it, you need to get ingredients by completing tasks and performing activities. At the same time, developers generously present prizes to persistent players. Perhaps someone will be a little upset by the capabilities of the received weapon, but absolutely everyone will be delighted with its appearance, because the graphics and rendering of details in Destiny 2 are at the highest level.

Destiny 2 provides an ability to experiment with weapons, allowing you to customize them. With the help of various modifications, you can seriously improve properties, even the speed of movement. There is also an “ultimate” weapon. It has some random additional parameter that slightly increases one of the characteristics. For example, the range of the weapon, or the rate of fire, increases. Nevertheless, such weapons are rarely dropped.

Bungie often releases new additions to the game. The latest was “The Witch Queen”, which was the most pre-ordered expansion in the game’s history. In each new addition, the game developers add new weapons, locations, and increase the number of modifications.

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