How Classic Horror Movies Have Evolved in the 21st Century

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on popcorn and pumpkins and revisit some of those familiar classic horror movies.

But before you reach for those worn-out VHS cassettes, it’s worth investigating how some of the more popular spooky titles have fared in the 21st century as plenty of them have made the surprising evolution into TV series, 3D adaptations and even a range of mobile games.



The Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho, was one of the most shocking movie releases of all-time, and many people would have been surprised that the 1960 chiller would be enjoying its sixth decade as the inspiration behind the well-received Bates Motel boxset series.



But it was in the 1970s that horror movies really came of age, and the likes of Halloween haven’t lost their impact despite no less than ten remakes that have somehow managed to become a little less scary with each passing release.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

However, it’s the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that’s suffered one of the most humbling falls from grace. Despite the 1974 original being a low budget shocker that revelled in awesome cinematography and terrifying sound effects, the recent 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre showed that improved production values don’t always boost the fear factor.



It’s when horror movies take a step into the unknown that things seem to go a little better. For example, Ridley Scott’s Alien movie not only managed to single-handedly establish the alien-horror genre, but it also delivered a strong gaming franchise that continues to the present day with the excellent Alien: Isolation game.


Nightmare on Elm Street

Whereas another industry innovation can be found at the Lucky Nugget Casino site that shows that even a chiller like Nightmare on Elm Street can be made into a fun and convenient slots game which was certainly more successful than the dreadful 2010 remake of the original movie.


Friday the 13th

Another 1980s horror classic that has made an unlikely journey into the 21st century is Friday the 13th. This iconic title has not only enjoyed a fairly bizarre movie crossover with Nightmare on Elm Street, but it also looks to gain its own Friday the 13th gaming release in 2016. And although it might not have its own slots game just yet, stranger things have happened!


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