Four of the Funniest Real Casino Stories

Believe us when we tell you hat casinos are not about funny business. They will do everything in their power to shift those odds in their favor plus they are always on high alert looking for shady players. Every casino invests great resources in their security plus they do not when someone scores big time, no matter what their advertisement says. Despite their best efforts, one can hear stories of seemingly impossible winning streaks, huge jackpots, and other funny stories that happen on the casino floor. We shall mention just a few as one reminder that sometimes, gambling can be fun as well.

Let’s Roll Those Dices

Craps are not so popular in Europe, but folks across America just love it, and they consider it their indigenous game, like baseball and football. The whole game is so New York, it has that street vibe that we see in gangster movies when they shoot craps all night on street corners. Playing craps online is a little different but still exciting, as this game invites the audience to join and creates one big party if a shooter is on a roll. There is one lady from New Jersey that became a legend for her four hours and 18 minutes lucky streak. one jolly afternoon in Atlantic City.

Her name is Patricia Demauro and against all odds, she threw those dices more than 150 times without hitting number seven, which is a good thing if you play craps. This happened in the Borgata hotel casino which is famous for episodes like this one. They, however, congratulated the lucky winner after confirming that there was no cheating involved. The lucky grandma broke all previous records and won some ton of cash which is unbelievable considering this was her first craps session ever. That is right, she is not some casino freak, just one regular grandma who had mad luck that night and broke all odds against her.

Put All My Money On Red

We know that the roulette wheel gives great odds if you play odd/even or red/black bets. Fifty-fifty sounds good to me, but not if I have to put more than $100.000 on the line. That is right, Mr. Ashley Revell put more than a 100 Gs and he won, doubling his cash in just a few seconds. You can surely remember when some of your friends jokingly said that once he will sell all his belongings and just put all his fortune on red or black. Well, that is exactly what Ashley did, but the goddess of fortune granted him one big win.

One must have a lot of courage to risk everything on one spin of a roulette wheel, but that is how legends are made. There are more funny stories involving roulette, like the one about that Indian kid that used his uncle’s account to win some fortune, but this is more like an urban legend. The story of Ashley Revell is true and certified, and it makes one think twice before he starts playing roulette. Next time you enter a casino, try no to risk all your possessions on one huge bet. It may sound cool, but it doesn’t work out every time.

My Name Is Ivy, Phil Ivy

We enjoyed watching Mr. Bond playing high-stakes baccarat, but one man has done it in real life and almost made millions. Poker legend used his skills and a little bit of cheating for winning almost $10 million in one session. Once again, the infamous Borgata hotel casino is the scene of the crime, and they are furious about what allegedly happened. This casino is suing Mr. Ivy for edge sorting a.k.a. cheating during his baccarat session. After one long legal battle, he was allegedly forced to pay his winnings back.

Spotting an error in a gambling game or just one deck of cards is not uncommon. Casinos had to tighten up their security measures since clever individuals like Mr.Ivey or the folks like the MIT blackjack team cashed out pretty big. Using techniques like card counting or more questionable edge sorting is one controversial subject. We do not urge you to try these techniques if you do not want to be banned from every casino on this planet. Try winning by gambling straight, enjoying the ride, and having fate in good fortune.

Who Doesn’t Risk He Doesn’t Profit

Tell this to FedEx Chairman Fred Smith who gambled his way through to become one of the richest people ever. It is in the nature of an entrepreneur to take some risks but what he did goes way beyond minimum deposit casino safe play. He gambled a few thousand bucks as his last chance to pay off some company bill, and he did it, while the rest is history. This was not some $5 easy play, but one legendary blackjack session that changed the history of logistics.

Maybe you prefer playing safe at some minimum deposit casino available on the net. Mr. Smith had to travel to Vegas to find some good casino, but you can find a great $5 deposit online casino thanks to our extensive reviews. We know how hard it is to find a solid online gambling den that allows minimum deposit bets. Only when a player finds a good casino, some good gambling can finally start without uneasiness or worrying about your deposits.

Those who wish their names to be chiseled into the gambling hall of fame. must have that courage to risk and endure despite grim odds. Only then will your name become legendary. Maybe one day some new players will tell funny stories involving your casino adventures, but until then enjoy some easy play without risking too much.


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