Follow by Example and Gather Your Own Roulette Riches

by Staff & Contributors

We often partake in a game or two of online Roulette, and cross our fingers that we’ll at least win our money back. But what if we could walk away with thousands? Or even millions? Well, that’d be the absolute dream wouldn’t it. And for some people, it’s been a reality!

Read on to get some inspiration for your next big game, as we look at a few of Roulette’s biggest winners.

Pedro Bartelle – $3.5 Million

In 2017, Pedro Grendene Bartelle was already a well-established businessman when he went on his travels to Uruguay, and left with quite a sum of money weighing down his pockets, after trying his luck on the French Roulette tables. It was reported that Bartelle favoured the number 32, stacking chips on and around that number. Eventually, 32 came in and swiftly turned the $35,000 total that he’d bet into that eye-watering $3.5m prize!

Strategy experts say that the French version of this game is actually likely to be the most profitable for players as the RTP (Return to Player) percentage is mostly the highest, due to the single zero that’s present in all European games, as opposed to the additional double zero that features in American Roulette. The presence of the zeros actually works in the favour of the house, increasing their edge in the game, so, in the eyes of the player, the fewer zeros the better!

Ashley Revell – $272,000

Going back to 2004, yet another businessman, this time from Britain and perhaps not quite as successful as the former, came to Las Vegas on a promise. The adventurous entrepreneur decided to take the plunge and place his $136,000 in life savings on one single spin. Revell had sold the majority of his prized possessions to make this trip a reality, including his set of golf clubs and beloved BMW. The money from all of this was placed on red at the Hard Rock casino, and the rest of the players stood in awe as Revell hit his jackpot.

After his big win, Revell simply stated: “That spin was the most amazing moment of my life.” And we can see why!

Mike Ashley – £1.3 million

Another recipient of over a million pounds in winnings is Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United. Although it appears that these entrepreneurs have all the luck, they also seem to suffer the most losses, especially in terms of big-time gambler Ashley. In 2008, Ashley took himself into London’s suave Fifty Casino, deciding to have a few spins on the Roulette wheel. Utilising his decidedly lucky number 17, Ashley managed to walk away £1.3 million richer. A mere drop in the ocean for someone who deals in footballer prices!

Chris Boyd – $440,000

A slightly lower profile player, Chris Boyd worked as a programmer at the time of his win, having begun to save money over three years to place his substantial bet. With $220,000 in his pocket, Boyd flew out to Las Vegas in search for a casino that would take such a large up-front bet. He settled on Binion’s Horseshoe Club, even though they normally refused to take bets of anything higher than $100,000. But, for some reason, on this day they thought they’d relent, which we’re sure Boyd will be ever-grateful for! They also agree to cover the double zero pocket on the wheel, therefore transforming the American style wheel into a European one – increasing the RTP. Boyd ended up doubling his money with all his chips being put on red.

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