Finance Tips to Help Fund Your Gaming Obsession

by Staff & Contributors

Whether it’s purchasing the new collector item that you’ve spotted online, or getting upgrades to your current gaming system, keeping up with the latest trends in gaming can be an expensive pursuit. With all the mounting costs of living month to month, like your rent, your bills, and your tax, it can be difficult to find the cash to invest in your gaming hobby.

Thankfully, there are ways to get the capital together to enhance your gaming lifestyle, and this article shows you how.


One of the simplest and safest ways to get the cash together to invest in a new game, a new console, or other gaming upgrades, is to take a long, hard look at your finances. Here, you’ll be able to see all the cash that you’re earning each month, and all that you’re spending. Generally, you can separate costs into two categories: those that are essential, like your rent; and those that are non-essential, like eating in restaurants.

By dropping all of your non-essential costs, you’ll be able to get the cash together to finance your gaming obsession – at the cost of a few meals out every month.

Extra Income

Have you considered what else you can do to earn cash? While your day job may take up most of your time, there are plenty of opportunities in life to make a little on the side – to ‘side hustle’, look to Inc for more information on bringing in a little extra income each month. Some choose to do this with moonlighting jobs, or by working freelance on occasion. Others enjoy buying and selling for profit, and your knowledge of the gaming industry might be particularly helpful here, as you’ll be able to spot a bargain easier, and sell online for a profit.

Short-Term Loans

You can also take out short-term loans with ease on the internet, if you’re dying to get your hands on something that you’re worried might sell soon. If this is the case, Online Loans can be your best bet at achieving the cash flow you need to buy the game, toy or accessory you’ve spotted that’s available only for a short time.

By getting out a loan, you’re entering into a contract in which you will have to pay your cash injection back, over time, with interest. So it’s wise to only take out a loan if, in the future, you know you will have the means to pay it back.

Increased Liquidity

If you’re in need of a cash boost to support your lifestyle, then another option is to release some of the cash that you currently have tied up in assets. Now, you may not be a trader on the stock exchange, but your home is one such asset that you can remortgage in order to release the equity contained within it. This is a simple way to get the cash you need to finance your gaming obsession, and has no material effect on your long-term finances.

There you have it: some key ways in which you can generate the extra cash to finance your gaming obsession in 2020 and beyond.


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