Famous People Who Love Vape

by Staff & Contributors on November 16, 2019

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The vaping trend is taking the entertainment industry by storm, meaning various actors, singers, and comedians have been spotted endorsing this growing fad. Here are some famous people we know and love who aren’t ashamed of their vaping habits.

Jack Nicholson
Nicholson made the switch from smoking to vaping at 81 years old. Not surprisingly, he looks suave while doing it. This goes to show that modern trends like vaping aren’t only a young man’s game.

Katy Perry
Whether she’s partying or strutting down the red carpet, Perry is often seen with her vape in tow. Though once an avid smoker, Perry bid her vice farewell when she picked up vaping.

Lindsay Lohan
Lohan’s been mired in controversy a time or two, but she gained an outpouring of support when she started vaping. These days, you hardly see her without her vape in hand.

Charlie Sheen
Though he was once a notorious bad boy, Sheen cleaned up his act and has taken up vaping. He loves vaping so much that he partnered up with NicoSheen, an e-cigarette company.

Jessica Alba
As a successful entrepreneur, mother, and thriving actress, Alba dons many hats. She decompresses by vaping, and she couldn’t care less who knows it.

Britney Spears
Spears has long been a nicotine addict, but that all changed when she discovered vaping. She’s been photographed numerous times puffing on her vape in style.

Bruno Mars
Mars declared that he was giving up cigarettes on his Twitter account. For the sake of appeasing his mother, he vowed to take up vaping instead. His public declaration inspired and captured the hearts of many.

Simon Cowell
During his early adulthood, Cowell was seldom photographed without a cigarette. Fortunately, he traded in his cigs for a vape pen, making him a healthier, more lovable version of himself.

Tracy Cyrus
Unlike his sister, Cyrus isn’t an anti-smoking flower child. Even still, he realized that his smoking addiction had gotten out of hand, so he made the savvy decision to switch to vaping.

Zayn Malik
In the hopes of preserving his stellar singing voice, Malik decided to leave his nicotine days behind him. To fill the void, he made the switch to vaping.

Christina Milian
Milian is anything but shy when it comes to expressing her love for vaping. Not only does she post pictures of herself vaping on her social media accounts, but she’s starred in e-cigarette commercials as well.

Kylie Jenner
Snapchat was the first to discover that Jenner was on the vaping bandwagon. After posting a handful of vaping videos, it became obvious that this female billionaire is a keen vaper.

Sean Penn
When it comes to where he vapes, Penn doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s been known to vape at events, while taking pictures, and even on stage while hosting panels.

Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf looks too cool for school when he vapes. He’s so fond of the hobby that he springs for top-shelf vape pens.

Vanessa Hudgens
Hudgens enjoys a good vaping session while making her morning commutes. Paparazzi have snapped her many times vaping while driving.

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio is touted as one of the first celebrities who supported vaping. According to DiCaprio, there’s never a bad time to vape. From red carpet interviews to casual encounters, DiCaprio vapes to his heart’s content.

Jack Black
This funny man relishes the idea of getting his vaping on in public. Since he quit smoking, Black doesn’t go anywhere without his trusty vape sidekick.

Ben Affleck
Affleck and cigarettes used to be the best of buds. However, he recently made the switch to vaping, no doubt sending a positive message to his beloved offspring.

Robert Pattinson
Pattinson maintains that he’d still be a lousy smoker if not for vaping. He states that he feels so much healthier since taking control of his nicotine addiction.

Dennis Quaid
As a passionate environmentalist, Quaid made the conscious decision to put an end to his toxic smoking habit. If you ever see him engulfed in clouds of smoke, rest assured that nicotine isn’t the culprit.


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