Everything You Should Know About CBD Skincare

by Staff & Contributors on May 17, 2021

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CBD or Cannabidiol is much in demand these days. Apart from its health benefits, you will find it included in a variety of products as well. One category where CBD oil is quite useful is the skincare segment.

You will discover CBD as a common ingredient in skin creams and deodorants these days. However, people are still skeptical about its uses, and here we share with you everything you need to know about CBD in skincare.

Benefits of CBD for skincare

Some of the initial investigations on CBD reveal the following benefits of CBD for skincare:

  • Reduces skin inflammation-CBD is known to reduce skin inflammation and work on treating problems like acne, eczema, melanoma, and tissue scarring. 

The miracle element contains terpenes which are supposed to be helpful in skincare and have antioxidant benefits for the skin. Look for delta-8 CBD products if you wish to deal with these problems without any side effects.

  • Itchy skin– Another common problem among adults Itchy skin can be rather disturbing. As per the current research, CBD shows maximum promise in solving the problem of skin itching. However, research on this aspect is still in its starting phases. There is no concrete evidence as yet to support the same.
  • Treatment of Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis– CBD can be helpful in handling the treatment of skin diseases like Psoriasis atopic dermatitis. However, the research on the same is still underway.

Are there any side effects of CBD in skincare?

If you want to know whether CBD will be addictive, then you can relax about the same. CBD will never give you a feeling of high, even though many people will scare you. CBD has THC levels in the range of 0.3%, which is pretty less.

Thus there are no chances that you may feel intoxicated after the use of a CBD product. However, the FDA still advises the users to choose their CBD products after consultation with a healthcare expert. Want to know more about CBD oil? the experts at CFAH will keep you updated with all the latest CBD products and uses in the market.

There is no specific information about how much CBD is absorbed through skincare; hence being careful is the only alternative.


Are CBD skin care products safe for use?

As per the 2018 Farm bill, they removed hemp products from the definition of Marijuana in the controlled substances act. Now CBD products are subjected to the same laws and regulations as any other FDA-regulated product.

However, some skincare products may not actually contain that much CBD, as is mentioned in the ingredient list.

On the flip side, some of the other products may contain a good amount of THC. Yet, it is highly unlikely that you would get high after using a lip balm or moisturizer. Therefore it is always better to use these products with a bit of discretion.



Though using CBD for daily issues is increasing people are still wary of using it for skin care purposes. Hopefully, the above information would enlighten you about CBD and its efficacy for skincare.

Always consult a doctor before starting any product which has CBD extract in it. Also, if you notice any side effects, you should stop its usage immediately.

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