Downtown Millennials Flock To Glendale And Other Urban Centers

by Staff & Contributors

For young people, lifestyle issues drive their decision making. They want total housing packages that require little personal effort. They will pay for what it takes to simplify their lives and reduce distractions.

A Consumer Affairs survey reports:

  • 55% of Millennials are likely to pay more for an apartment that has high-tech door locks compared to ones that did not.
  • 20% of Millennials would pay more per month for a smart apartment. On average, they would be willing to pay about a fifth more for smart home features.
  • 44% of Millennials would give up a parking space to live in a “high tech” apartment.

Clearly, young people are looking for tech-savvy real estate where their work, life, and social worlds have seamless connections. They want quality, minimalism, and carefree lifestyle.


Living Camp Springs, MD

For example, if you are working in the District of Columbia region and looking for apartments in Camp Springs, MD, you can find luxury, convenience, and amenities. Fully secured facilities protect your privacy and offer a  fitness center, indoor pool, social lounge, business center and rooftop sports court. The nine-foot ceilings, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and wood floors are found in a variety of floorplans.

But, it’s the location that brings young people downtown: walking distance to the Washington Metro, minutes to Andrews Air Force Base, and just a stone’s throw to Old Town Alexandria and National Harbor.


Living Antelope, CA

If you are working on the west coast, you’ll find the younger crowd living downtown, too. Antelope, CA, for instance, is a suburb of Sacramento, but it is also at the center of its own community.

Luxury apartments in Antelope, CA spread over 160 acres of gated landscaped grounds. The parklike community with winding streets, cul de sacs, and an active dog park. The outdoor pool and sundeck feature an eight-person heated spa, and there’s an internet lounge with access, fax, and printer.

The Arbor Apartments sit within minutes of downtown Sacramento, golf courses, and shopping. These apartment homes feature high ceilings, huge windows, and contemporary kitchens in a maintenance free environment.


Living In Glendale, CA

Glendale living means apartment living with units as high as $8,000 per month. People are willing to spend to be that close to downtown Los Angeles and just far enough away from its hustle and bustle. A community of such residents means a world of excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The Onyx, for one, offers smart thermostats, cell phone boosters at every level, surround sound Bluetooth read speakers, a yoga studio, and a dog washing station. It’s a community of lofts, townhomes, and apartments. Its rooftop garden and decks come with barbecue pits, social furniture settings, and 360 views of Glendale, Pasadena, and L.A. With such maintenance free lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about finding an emergency plumber in Glendale, CA.


Living Young Downtown


Sam Frizell, writing for Time, said, “The new American Dream Is living in a city, not owning a house in the suburbs.” And, their drive to downtown rentals reflects their desire to be where the people are. They are used to collaborating and work sharing, so they thrive on density.

Young people wants experiences like destination travel and outdoor activities. Caring for a house presents too many distractions for those goals. And, as Uber can tell you, young people don’t like to drive. Long commutes waste time, energy, and potential.

Finally, millennials are not inclined to possess and hold. They can afford rentals because there is no financing problem for these workers who matured during the Great Recession. As far as they are concerned, homeownership is a complex problem that serves them no immediate purpose.


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