Did You Know You Can Use Your Browser for Having Fun?

by Staff & Contributors

The raising popularity of browser games

It was hard to imagine that browsers can be used for something other than searching for necessary information 10 years ago. But today few people can be surprised with the phenomenon of browser games. It is a genre which demonstrates the highest rates of development, and thanks to its appearance the office workers now have one more reason to go to work.

It can be quite easy to simulate business activities and seem busy when the boss walks by, and at the same time to play any online game such as good old Fight Club, in Australian online casino or Travian, and even better – something more recent.

Tens of millions of people around the world at this moment are cutting off the robbers’ heads, floating on the seas on the pirate schooners, traveling through the universe in the drawn spaceships, saving the princess and defeating the long-suffering evil, or even gaining money for successful sport predictions and all this – in Google Chrome window, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The area of your interests does not matter. It can be both gambling, Barbie dolls, car racing, or collecting of puzzles.

New browser games appear on the internet almost every day. Some of them resemble each other like twins, the other – indeed unique, but they all share with one feature – they can be played for free and without downloading the client. The only one thing you need is go to the appropriate site, click a few buttons and you’re not an ordinary high school student, manager, or accountant now – you are a commander of an elite unit of mercenaries, an adept of magic of fire or just a barbarian with a club.

It is surprising, but some of the new browser-based online games can compete on equal terms with the client online projects for the quality of graphics and gameplay. The engine of Unity 3D, which develops the best browser games, allows to issue a full three-dimensional image and thus consumes a minimum number of computer resources. Thanks to this, today we can play not just an RPG with an isometric view, but full 3D-shooters, racing and other simulators.

However, this diversity is also a disadvantage. There are too many free browser games, and each of them promises tons of fun and the abyss of new sensations. Finding your way is extremely difficult in all this chaos. The only thing you need to satisfy you wants is to find the particular game of a certain genre you will be happy to play among the difficult burden of sorting all that the shaft information that attacks your brain and select only the best browser-based online games, for which you can spend several hundred hours.

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