Casinos and Cinema: Top 3 Scenes

by Staff & Contributors on September 8, 2017

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The movies provide a lot of inspiration to everyday culture. For instance, casino movies have helped to increase people’s interest in gambling in recent years.  Casino movies have been popular in the theatre due to their connections with organized crime and high risk. As a result, there have been many iconic scenes that include casinos.

Casino Royale

Casinos have figured prominently in many of the James Bond instalments. Of all these films, Casino Royale is probably the best known for casinos. James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, engages in a high stakes poker game with his nemesis, Le Chifre. The results of this game are beyond financial but depend on the safety of mankind. Of course, Bond ends up winning the game. Perhaps what makes this scene so iconic is the manner in which he does win. With a rather low ranking hand, Bond is still able to beat Le Chifre’s hand and win.



The title refers to an autistic savant portrayed by Dustin Hoffman. His disability has provided him with the talent of counting cards. His brother played by Tom Cruise takes advantage of his brother’s skills and hits the casinos. Many iconic scenes are found in this film as the brothers rack up winnings.


Ocean’s 11

In this film, a heist of three of the top casinos in Vegas is being planned by a group led by Danny Ocean. The film was first released in 1960 but was remade in 2001 starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon. While the film does have numerous memorable scenes, one of the most interesting is when Brad Pitt is trying to teach a group how to play five card poker. This scene shows viewers with some basic poker strategies that you could also use online at sites like when you play live dealing games.

As casino movies continue to be released, it will interesting to see if any of them will knock one of these top films off the list.

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