Can You Beat the Machine?

by Staff & Contributors

Online slots are one of the most popular, colorful and exiting games that you can play with millions of people world-wide logging into their favorite site to play now and this isn’t so surprising when you take into account that you can now enjoy your preferred version of the classic slots game whenever and wherever your choose.

There are also a few tips and tricks you can put into place in order to make your time online even more enjoyable and are well worth using as you log into your home computer, laptop or portable device to chance your luck on the spin of the reels.

Be Smart With Your Money

This might sound obvious but many players do no research slot payouts. Numerous online casinos will tell you quite openly what their percentage payouts are and these can and do vary. Choosing those slots games that have the higher percentage payout does increase your odds of winning.

Know Exactly What Your Limit is

Knowing how much you can afford to play with makes a great deal of sense and there are a couple of limits you can set yourself. The ‘lose limit’ and the ‘double your money’ limit are a couple of good choices that should be decided upon before you begin to play. If you are winning then stop when you have doubled your initial amount, and if you are losing then stop when you have hit your lose limit. Don’t try to chase your losses, it really does not work.

Keep Your Winnings Separate from Your Bankroll

Pocketing your winnings and then playing with only the money from your initial bankroll is always a good idea because then you will never leave the site empty handed

Join in the Progressives

Always try to put to one side some of your bankroll for the progressive games on offer. This is because the prize pots can be massive and they also grow very quickly depending on the amount of people playing. There is nothing quite so exciting as joining in a game which can offer truly life changing cash prizes.

Remember to Play the Machines to the Maximum Coin Limit

No matter if you are playing for pennies or pounds remember to play the maximum amount in order to be in with a chance of the major prizes.

Get to Know the Games you are Playing

No matter which type of slots game you choose get to know it well before filling it with your own money. You can take advantage of the bonuses and promotional offers to do this. In this way you will get to know the symbols, features and bonus rounds that are available.

Finally remember that online slots are primarily for entertainment purposes, the fact that there are cash prizes attached to the games is an added bonus, but you should never play online slots just for the prizes attached to them.

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