Are the Global Supermarkets Selling CBD e-liquid?

by Staff & Contributors on July 9, 2021

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Amidst the pandemic, CBD sales have skyrocketed like never before. With new research on the medicinal and therapeutic effects of CBD, consumers have little reason to shy away from making the most of it. The latest study by cannabis researchers ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics reveals that the global CBD market will reach £42.7 billion in legal sales by 2024.

As the miracle plant grows in popularity, you can easily find CBD infused in various supplements. Apart from specialized stores, you can find them in local coffee shops and supermarkets. Since countries have different laws on CBD, global suppliers may have to focus on countries that allow for CBD sales. Given that CBD sales are at an all-time high, it has grown important among people regardless of rules and restrictions. Leading sales in Europe are Germany and the UK. The CBD market may double in Europe, introducing avenues for the best CBD e-liquid in UK to be purchased and sold legally.

With an increasingly progressive outlook towards CBD, it will become easier for global supermarkets to sell CBD e-liquid in more countries. In 2021, Luxembourg plans to legalize adult use of recreational CBD fully. The decision may lead to a neighbor effect, thereby inspiring more countries to create political reform based on the actions of neighboring states or countries.


What you should know about the CBD Market

Of around a hundred chemical compounds called cannabinoids, Cannabidiol or CBD is one. It is a non-psychotropic component that does not intoxicate the user even if taken in large amounts. It has anti-inflammatory properties to heal a range of other problems like pain, insomnia, seizures, anxiety, etc. The market is flooded with an innumerable variety of CBD formats or delivery methods. You can find CBD in forms like oils, edibles, capsules, e-liquids, or even creams.

CBD e-liquids usually contain a pure concentrated CBD isolate. This liquid comes in a powdered or crystalline form. It is supposed to be tasteless and odorless, allowing the flavor to persist. As mentioned above, although CBD is found in various other forms like oil, sweets, and creams, e-liquids are the most popular and fast-working of them all. That is because through vaping, CBD directly enters the lungs and diffuses in the bloodstream quickly. It does not process through various layers like the digestive system or the liver. Vaping CBD is usually four times more effective as it takes up to 60 minutes quicker to feel the CBD effects than other forms.

This CBD e-liquid found in vape juice is obtained from hemp. CBD e-liquids do contain a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Both VG and PG, used in non-CBD e-liquids, are odorless and colorless. They have other uses in foods, cosmetics, and other products.

The difference between these CBD e-liquids and other e-liquids is that CBD e-liquids opt for a 50-50 combination. The 50-50 combination allows for a balance between vapor production and flavor delivery. It also helps optimize the liquid for low-power devices. Non-CBD e-liquids use a 70/30 ratio preferring the vapourising quality to create strong flavor or big vape clouds.


Signs of caution in the market

Hemp, used for sourcing CBD e-liquid, the preferred plant for infusion as cannabis plants containing a specific amount of THC can be grown, processed, and infused without legal restrictions for those with high THC content. This number may vary from one country to another. In contrast to the non-addictive and safe CBD, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for the “high” one feels while using marijuana.

Knowing these binding rules, manufacturers may design and create their products to comply accordingly. However, many distributors and manufacturers exceed the said THC limit. These products with higher THC content were purchased both in stores and online. Apart from this THC excess, some of the products do not have enough cannabidiol. This reveals that companies may opt for convenient ways to sell products. But they are not always reliable for their price or discount factors. Caution is necessary during purchase.

As many noncompliant exploitative companies are out there, there are also responsible companies. They offer trusted CBD e-liquid and other products. As a consumer, it is your utmost responsibility to infer and make a wise choice. It is always a good thing when supermarkets house such products as they’re also making them accessible to larger markets, but that must not relieve users of the duty to check the product quality before they buy them.


Supermarkets that sell CBD e-liquid

As the industry is expanding rapidly, supermarkets want in on this billion-dollar market. These retail giants miss no opportunity, and CBD e-liquid is no exception. Unlike specialists and brands with thorough knowledge of the field, supermarkets may get on the trend. To keep yourself from compromising on quality, make sure you have a good eye for products and tell apart an opportunistic initiative and a recognized product or brand. This awareness will help you make the most of your purchase and strike a good deal even in supermarkets.

Supermarkets like Tesco, Walmart, Kroger, Holland, and Barrett do sell CBD product ranges. Recently, Holland and Barrett even started their own CBD skincare line. Joining Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, GNC, CVS, and Nieman Marcus, among other major retailers, Kroger announced that it has started selling CBD products in its stores.

Many supermarkets have started investing in CBD e-liquids and products as consumer demand and interest in these CBD products keep increasing.


Bottom Line

As supermarkets are making the most of this market, you could make sure to get the right product and learn ways to stay informed about your purchases. You may do this by following the steps below-

  • Take the time and effort to check if products are verified and trustworthy
  • Invest in researching about these as even genuine big brands have cut corners to save a few dollars
  • Keep yourself from getting lured by decorative labeling
  • Thoroughly go over the details and claims of the product instead of just skimming through

The most you can do is equip yourself with the required tools to stay informed, make educated choices and not follow trends, fall for discounts or offers without checking the credibility of the brand or product.

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