A Show That Has To Go: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

by Vinnie Penn

Grey’s Anatomy/Thursdays at 9:00 EST on ABC

I used to love this show. When it was called St. Elsewhere.

No, seriously, I really used to love this show. When it was called E/R.

Actually, I have never been a fan of the medical drama (unless you count ABC’s stalwart daytime soap General Hospital), even while Grey’s has always been so much more than a medical drama – many times everything but a medical drama.

From its ground-breaking and news-making first season – the latter due in large part to Isaiah Washington’s red carpet ramblings and subsequent dismissal from the hit – to the careers it’s launched (Katherine Heigl) and spin-offs (Private Practice), Grey’s has not only served its network well, but creator Shonda Rhimes too. While Practice has long since closed and Heigl’s rising star stalled abruptly, Rhimes has gone on to unleash an even bigger hit for ABC in Scandal.

But, back to Grey’s: It has been a head-scratcher for me from the start. Star Ellen Pompeo always came across as hell-bent on being “Ally McBeal 2.0,” and when exactly did the ladies begin swooning over Patrick Can’t Buy Me Love Dempsey anyway? Yet, here it was, and continues to be, in all its bed-hopping, “will they or won’t they” glory.

Now in its tenth season, I find myself catching glimpses of previews where they are escaping explosions and being shipwrecked or, at the very least, it sure looks that way. I’d say they have clearly jumped the shark but that happened years ago when characters began traipsing off to Africa and they abruptly introduced and then just as abruptly killed off Scott Foley’s character, the catalyst for much Felicity fan fiction.

image via Say No To Crack

In fact, Grey’s is probably three episodes away from one of the docs either treating a shark attack victim (if they haven’t already) or saving an actual shark’s life. McPlease.

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