A Look Into Some of the Best Characters From Our Favorite TV Shows

by Staff & Contributors

Entertainment has been at a premium during 2020 due to the global pandemic and government lockdown restrictions limiting most of our usual hobbies and ensuring that we are house bound to prevent the spread of the virus. What we have found this has made us do in particular is rewatch some of everyone’s favorite TV shows due to all the extra spare time we had being bored at home; today we look into some of our favorite characters that have stuck out to us.  

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One of our favorite characters, and actually a baddie in the series of Prison Break is Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell. He was one of them characters that you just couldn’t take your eyes off, you didn’t know what was coming next with him, he was the master of dirty tricks and his strong personality usually makes him one of the top dog in any environment he’s in. He was very adaptable, in fact his character was even a good actor as he was well-versed in acting various roles in different circumstances.

The next character we are going to look at would be that of Walter White in Breaking Bad – starting out as a broken, dying man thinking of ways to do best for his family, and then in the end ultimately becoming a compulsive liar with layers of envy and entitlement. Initially he thought he didn’t fit into the criminal lifestyle, but by the end of the series he finds out that he’s a pretty devious criminal that is infuriating and cruel. This was one of our favorite things about Breaking Bad though, we are given a character that gives all sorts of emotion from every end of the spectrum.


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