9 Games That Will Make You Smarter

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Video games, especially the mind-challenging games, do more than just entertain. They sharpen your wits by engaging the brain in complex problem-solving and decision-making situations as you play. As opposed to the stereotypes on gaming, they actually make you smarter.

Games Enhance Mental Development

When developing games, the software engineers consider more than the usual fun-filled adrenaline thrills. Games are meant to engage and compel you to use your mental abilities to think differently and solve the problems, make critical decisions, scout for mistakes, and identify missing pieces as for the case of puzzles. Sites like UnscrambleX.com even help when playing games like Scrabble and Words with Friends!

Most of the gaming companies strive to provide the funniest games that will crack your ribs while simultaneously keeping your brain active. This ensures you spend your valuable time wisely having fun and being more mentally dexterous. The question of how these games make you smarter is a story for another day; today, we highlight some of the best games.

8 Thrills and Chills That Will Improve Your Mental Edge

First, it has to be said that the gaming industry provides billions of games that can work out your brain. This article cannot in any way exhaustively discuss all of them. However, we have compiled a list of the best that can get you started.

1.     Scrabble

It is no stranger to linguists who are game enthusiasts. It equips the players with next-level linguistic skills while sharpening both spoken and written English. Most of the companies offering a dissertation writing service hunt for seasoned Scrabble players to employ.

Scrabble lets you familiarize with words in both vertical and horizontal orientation, thus improving your word recognition ability.

If you’re still fairly new to Scrabble, you might want a tool to help you out with generating words. Luckily, Unscrambled Words does just that. Enter the letters you have to work with and let the tool produce a list of words from those letters. It’s even possible to specify if a word must start with or end with letters in a certain order. This is helpful when you’re trying to strategize letter placement on bonus tiles. Give it a try and expand your vocabulary faster than you normally would.

2.     Chess

Playing chess has immense benefits for all age groups. It is a witty game of strategy, pattern recognition, and calculated moves that increase neuroplasticity. People playing chess have the ability to carefully analyze a situation before making a move, hence significantly reducing their chances of making a mistake.

Chess is an excellent brain-stretching activity that pushes you to the limits of your creativity. Research shows that chess players experience increased brain activity after every session of playing, hence keeping them active and alert.

3.     The great Rubik’s Cube

This amazing cube keeps you focused on the task at hand as you attempt to match all the solid colors from the limitless planes of rotation offered. It is a mind-challenging game that increases the hand-brain coordination while polishing your ability to think. It lengthens your concentration span and focus, alongside improving your memory.

4.     Minecraft

Minecraft Company has stamped its dominance in the gaming industry through the launch of an educational edition game. This game has received a great reception in most nations through its incorporation into their school curriculums. Its versatility allows it to be manipulated to suit any subject being taught: except gym lessons, of course.

Its custom 3D block-stacking models guide students on both the online and offline tasks to be undertaken in order to understand certain principles in the respective subjects. Edusson – a company offering dissertation writing service, cited Minecraft as a gaming giant that is helping teachers revolutionize learning through simulated teaching modules.

5.     Portal 2

It is a second edition of the first portal game that was launched in 2007. It hit with a bang, courtesy of its improved graphics and complexity. The goal of the game was to have a player successfully move across a room without popping the orange or blue balls.

As much as it gave emotional satisfaction in completing the task, it also took a great deal of planning and making precise movements. Research in the game proved that it was instrumental in developing problem-solving, cognitive, and spatial reasoning skills.

6.     2048

This numbers’ game helps people develop their arithmetic skills as far as addition is concerned. The player is required to slot in numbers that are likely to tally to 2048 within the shortest time possible.

It is provided in different difficulty levels for you to progress to a more complex stage once you have mastered the previous simple stage. This game has helped students right from kindergarten to Ph.D. level. All you got to do is find your difficulty level and game the math away.

7.     Fifa 19

Football fanatics know this one best. It is a simulated football game where you are tasked with controlling the 11 players in the pitch in order to score and carry the day. It needs great skills and strategy. One has to study their opponents’ gameplay and device ways of countering their attacks in terms of defensive prowess.

Fifa is 2019’s electronic arts best seller. It accommodates players from all age groups to enjoy themselves as they engage their brains in providing the best tactics to win the game. This Sony’s brainchild has graced the gaming industry since 1998 with updates being launched every year to match the current football statistics and players’ ability.

8.     Peak

Peak offers ultra-modern state of the art well-crafted IQ and brain training activities. These are there to keep you deep in thoughts, searching for the right solution. It is one of the games that has successfully integrated artificial intelligence in the design.

You can use the game to learn your likes and dislikes and customize it to suit you. However, Peak is never lenient on anyone as its goal is to push you to your limits for you to realize your full mental potential.

9. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great for a mental workout, but one downside can be having to buy the physical puzzles and put away all the pieces. If you don’t have enough space to keep a jigsaw puzzle going daily, check out Im-a-puzzle.com which is a site that offers thousands of online jigsaw puzzles. By starting off with fewer pieces and working your way up, you’ll improve memory, concentration, and visual-spatial skills.

Final Word

Video games give the perfect duo in the history of entertainment; mental fitness and lots of fun. The mentality of video games being derailing is archaic and nonsensical, with no scientific evidence to prove the same.

This might have arisen from the fact that the people claiming the aforementioned to be true never played games that would help them sharpen their wits. They, in turn, view this entire issue from a different angle.

It is time the whole world knew that gaming is a necessity for brain development. Once you find what suits you, stick to it, and strengthen your mental muscles.

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