5 Tips People Use to Increase Their Chances of Success

What are some of the coolest traits all successful people share in common? Check out this article and find out about productivity tips that actually work!


5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

– Walt Disney

Some people set a goal and go for it. They earn millions; give birth to amazing ideas as well as profitable companies. Guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are visionaries with a fairly distinct perception of the world around them. All that’s left for us is to envy their productivity levels. Or is it?

Perhaps there are traits and habits all productive people share that we can embrace and nurture within ourselves for the sake of getting as good if not better than them with life? Sure there are. As recent studies on behavior show, a lot of successful people follow the same routine without even knowing it. These habits make them who they are. More on that point, these habits are something everyone can master.

Sure, they can vary from case to case, from person to person but, in general, these five traits enhance productivity like mental steroids. But what are they?

Thirst for Knowledge

Learning never stops. We learn how to manage new chores as soon as they are tossed at us with the speed of light during the usual workflow. We tend to read books, watch the news or films – all of these factors have at least some educational values. We all learn something new on a constant basis. But we do it passively and that’s not enough!

Passiveness is the enemy of productivity. Successful people master new skills and arts because they want to. You can do it too. After all, it is so simple in the era of internet. English learning via Skype is as common as coffee in the morning nowadays. Countless sites offer courses and certifications. Spare an hour or two of your daily routine, dedicate the time to learning and you’ll be surprised at how empowered and eager you become to use newly gained knowledge to your advantage. If that’s not productivity – what is?


Healthy Mornings

It is scientifically proven that healthy living supports brain activity. A workout in the morning will help you remain in focus for the entirety of the day while a nutritious breakfast will keep your brain fed with vitamins, minerals and amazing ideas. After a healthy start of the day you will be able to maintain laser-sharp focus longer while having enough strength to manage a wider array of tasks.

Avoid sugar and coffee for breakfast. Green tea, eggs and cheese as well as a healthy portion of fruit and vegetables should be the foundation of your day, not snacks and bites of overly sweet cereal.


Precision in Planning

Live by the calendar. If there are things that need to be done – plan ahead. Make a schedule for yourself, follow it and do not fear to micromanage. Booking series of tasks per day is not enough. You need to know what to do by the hour.

Emails and social media take way too much time for anyone to be productive while paying attention to every new message. Dedicate an hour or two for them in the morning and never go back to them during the day. If something urgent enough comes up, you will get a call.

The same can be said about friendly chatter, lunch time and whatever else. If you have a day planned out in advance, you will never risk losing focus.


Awareness of Senses

Having a deadline means that you may start working on a task with the bell. More often than not, the bell rings too late if you don’t have the time limits set for yourself.

Taking actions has power, postponing has not.


Straight Priorities

Not all the tasks are equal. Going crazy over every last detail will wear you down sooner than a five-mile run in the middle of the Sahara desert. You have to establish priorities. It works as follows: divide a piece of paper into 4 equal squares and assign each of them a name:

  • Important/urgent
  • Important/can wait
  • Not important/urgent
  • Not important/can wait

Prioritize all of your tasks accordingly and your productivity will rise quickly!

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