5 High-Profile Celebrities Banned from Casinos

The gambling industry is worth over $220 billion. This is why it attracts everyone from ordinary people to celebrities. Speaking of celebrities, there are quite a number of A-list celebrities who are famously banned from casinos. Here are five of these famous personalities and how they got their bans.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton might have a taste for luxury, but she can’t always get what her heart desires. In 2006, the socialite and reality TV star bet a $175,000 Bentley at a blackjack table at the Paris Casino, only to lose it. Worse yet, Hilton was banned from this casino by its owner, who had no qualms about banning anyone with influence. 

However, that’s just one of the controversies associated with Paris. In 2010, she was arrested after a substance fell from her purse at a poker game. Reports say that the substance was cocaine and was found in the hands of a police lieutenant present for the game.


Ben Affleck 

When you’re good at many things, it’s only natural to want to try your hand at something else — like gambling. According to casinowithnolicense.com, Ben Affleck has a reputation among casinos. He’s been described as being “too clever for his good,” and it’s not hard to see why. The actor has been caught counting cards in the past, which is frowned upon in gambling circles.

In April of 2013, Ben Affleck was asked to leave the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after an observant pit boss noticed that he counted cards at the table. This led to a lifetime ban from the casino’s blackjack tables, although he is welcome to stay in the hotel.


Allen Iverson 

Although he’s extremely popular among NBA fans due to his impeccable reputation on the court, Allen Iverson is now making headlines for his non-existent casino etiquette. In particular, Iverson was banned from two different Detroit casinos because he was a “bad loser” at the tables.


Lil Wayne 

Lil’ Wayne has had multiple run-ins with the law, but he was banned from a venue for good this time. After getting in a minor argument at a Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Lil’ Wayne has been banned from all of the hotel’s locations forever. It’s unclear why this happened, and the hotel management is remaining tight-lipped — they don’t want any trouble, they said.


Derren Brown 

Only a tiny number of people know about Derren Brown’s days as a gambler. You may not have guessed, but the famous TV personality used to be a card counting expert with exceptional skills. Those skills have changed his life and turned his gambling into a hobby. Now he is known for his incredible illusions that entertain thousands of people every year across the globe.


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