4 Ways to Edit a PDF File

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PDFs or Portable Document Formats are widely used forms of documentation in many different industries and particularly the business world.  Being able to use them and their various tools is an important asset in the business or academic world because it allows someone to interact with the information of their chosen field. Not being able to do this would of course put someone at a disadvantage. Some of the skills needed when working with PDFs are the ability to save them, secure them, and to be able to find the correct PDF template or fillable document that somebody might need for a specific task. The most useful task though is the ability to edit PDFs since this is the core interaction. This can take the form of simply filling in data on a premade PDF template or by taking a blank PDF file and changing it into something for one’s own purpose. Either way, it is important to be able to edit PDFs to engage with the professional world. To be able to edit PDFs, the first questions someone should ask are how do we edit PDFs and where can we do that?

There are a few ways someone can edit a PDF file. The first and most common is to use some form of online PDF editing service which allows the user to fill in data where it is needed in provided blanks. Alternatively, some of these online resources offer other tools such as the ability to manage a PDF that needs editing which allows for the merging or splitting of the PDFs before or after the edit. Secondly, someone can also pay for and download a PDF editor which they can keep on their device and use anytime. Regardless, to Edit a PDF a person must have a specific program built for this purpose and from there upload their document if they wish to edit a premade document or template or select the option to make a new document and edit a PDF from scratch. While there are a few ways to edit a PDF there are a multitude of services available. Here we will see some of the PDF editing tools that are available.


Using Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is a PDF editing service that features a variety of convenient tools that can serve many different purposes. If a person wants to edit PDFs, it is one source that might be interesting to look at. What separates Lumin PDF from some others is its cross-functionality with Google and Google Drive. The reason that this is significant, is that some people in the business world work using Google, G-Suite, and other Google platforms, using Lumin PDF means the ability to link these worlds. When someone edits a PDF, even a premade fillable PDF template (which can also be found at Lumin PDF) they generally need to share that and often people who work in groups need to be able to share their work with others in the company and for this reason, the cooperation with Google makes Lumin PDF both a unique and highly serviceable PDF editing tool.


Using Microsoft Word

If someone is using an up-to-date version of Microsoft Word, then it is possible to use it to be able to edit a PDF without having to use a PDF converting service online. As PDFs and Doc files are not inherently the same, it is necessary to have some type of conversion, but Microsoft Word offers this. To do this someone needs to first open Microsoft Word and select a file to open with it. When the PDF file is selected, there will be a prompt asking about changing the format so that it can become editable. After selecting this, it is then possible to edit the PDF and save it. It is important to make sure that the file is saved correctly otherwise there could be some potential issue in sending it to someone else to also be edited later, so always double-check that the file save type is correct.


Using Google Docs

Google docs in a similar way to Microsoft Word also allows for PDFs to be edited. While Microsoft Word is something that comes with a Microsoft OS, Not everyone uses a Microsoft OS. Google Docs gives anyone the ability to edit a PDF freely without cost. To do this all that needs to be done is to go into Google Drive and then select the PDF file that needs to be edited. After this, you will be able to see your file listed in the left-hand pane. Next, right-click on the file and choose the option to open the PDF. From here an editable document will be created. From there, it is simply a matter of filling in the data if it is a fillable document or typing in whatever information is requested.


Using a PDF Editor 

Besides using Google Docs or Microsoft Word, one of the more common options available is to go online and use an online PDF editor. These can be very helpful in filling out fillable forms. Many of these are free and can be used after registration, it is important to read and do your research though as there are some potential security implications, and if the data is sensitive in nature, then it would be beneficial to have a PDF editor with a good reputation for security. There are several of these though and some of the paid PDF options might be better but it all depends on what is needed for the specific task and PDF document type.

Although there are many different ways and means to edit a PDF, the best option is to see what is available and determine what is best for the particular situation and document. While in some instances one way might indeed be better, if someone is used to working with a particular format then it might be just to use that. What is important is to understand what the different services offer and how they might be used to further the abilities of a person or business to document the details of their work.

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