4 Sports Video Games that Have Stood the Test of Time

by Staff & Contributors on February 2, 2015

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Consoles and their games have evolved greatly over time. With the current next-generation consoles, the current batch of sports games are all the more immersive. 

For example, EA Sports’ IGNITE engine has bolstered artificial intelligence, making the computer both more difficult and more realistic to play against. And while these technological advances are great, it by no means renders the games that preceded the current crop of next-gen games obsolete. 

In fact, if you look through your back catalog of games, you’ll come across plenty of sports titles that can still entice you into playing, after all these years. Granted, the graphics may look increasingly stoic and antiquated, and certain rosters may be out of date, but the fun and playability element very much remains.

Below are some of the best retro sports games that still have a place in modern society.

MLB 06: The Show (2006)

Platforms: PS2 and PSP

The very first installment of what has gone on to become one of Sony’s best-selling games was greeted to a phenomenally warm welcome from critics. Revisiting it nowadays still brings back warm memories; this is in no small part thanks to The Show mode, which gave users the chance to bring your player up from the minor leagues into the majors with the end goal being World Series success. This mode was the first of its kind and has since led the way for such Be A Pro modes which are found on FIFA and Madden.

image via GameSpot Sports

For a sport that isn’t always enjoyed by millenials, The Show makes a very good account for itself. Even nowadays, it’s hard not to take pleasure in knocking a home run over the outfield wall. Back in 2006 it was the St. Louis Cardinals who went on to win the World Series, and they are one of the favorites in baseball betting to again reign supreme this year.


WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth (2002)

Platform: PS2

WWE games have always attracted favorable reviews. Actually, that is a lie, the latest, WWE 2K15, is nothing short of abysmal. If you are one of the unfortunate ones that own the game, leave it in its case and go back to the glory days of WWE games.

Shut Your Mouth stands out as one of WWE’s finer games for numerous reasons. For one, the roster around that time was simply unbelievable. Kurt Angle, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, DDP, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar are just a few of the playable characters. Following the acquisition of WCW, the WWE roster increased considerably. Many believe that this period of WWE’s history is their most talent rich, something that is very hard to dispute.

The season mode was extended to two full years and also included secondary WWE shows, such as Sunday Night Heat, whilst the gameplay and graphics were both considerably improved. It’s a game that stands the test of time, mainly because of its available characters but also the inclusion of the NWO into the storylines is something that all fans have a lot of time for. Even in the modern era, the NWO excites and many fans would love to see their inclusion in another WWE game in the years to come.


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (2006)

Platforms: PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo DS

It may be hard to believe now but there once was a time when Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was the best soccer game on the market. PES 6 was very much the pinnacle for Konami and replaying it now makes for a joyous occasion.

At the time there was no other soccer game that could compete with the liquid fluidity of PES’ gameplay, whilst its facial graphics were hugely impressive. Then there was also the extremely enjoyable Master League mode in which you would try and take your created team to the very top of the football pyramid. Also, the amount of different replays you could watch was astounding.

Despite it being nearly nine years since the game was released, it still holds a very special place in the hearts of soccer gamers. Anyone who has played the game will know all about the beautiful lobbed through balls you could achieve, while the long range screamers you could score got many a player jumping about. Even when the game glitched it brought a smile to our faces. In terms of overall soccer gaming enjoyment, you cannot beat PES 6. It was that rare mix of silly and fantastic.


PGA Tour III (1994)

Platform: Sega Genesis

Way before EA got into a partnership with Tiger Woods, a partnership that came to an end last year, they titled their golf games PGA Tour. This is a name they have returned to in 2015.

This Sega game was incredible for its time. With eight courses and more than 50 players to choose from, it was an amount of choice that we the gamers had never been introduced to before. As for the game itself, with a simple power and accuracy bar it was very easy to play. Simplicity is always the best way to go, and in this game the simple nature makes it mentally very easy but at the same time stimulating. Even though it is more than 20 years old it still makes for a good round of golf.

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