13 Super Fun Ways to Spend Your Weekend

by Staff & Contributors on July 8, 2021

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It’s Friday night, and you’re sitting at your computer, staring at the screen with a blank look on your face. You’ve just finished up work for the week and are now stuck with nothing to do! It can be pretty challenging to figure out how to spend your weekend when you have limited time off from work. However, we have some great suggestions of what you could do this weekend that will make it super fun.


  • Hike up the nearby mountain:

Hiking can be a stressbuster, and it doesn’t have to be all that difficult, especially if you can find a nearby trail. You don’t even need a car because many trails are accessible via public transportation or by foot! You can take your friends along or go on a solo trek. When you’re all done, reward yourself with an ice-cold beer to celebrate the accomplishment and enjoy nature’s beauty from up high!

  • Play video games:

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can always hit up the nearest video game store and grab a controller. Video games are fun to play with friends or alone (although it’s not as much fun!). It doesn’t matter what type of gaming system you have at home because there is something for everyone. So spend some time catching up on old favorites like Mario Kart 64 while sitting in front of your TV or exploring an open world with Skyrim on your Xbox One.

  • Visit your family:

Maybe things are hectic at work, and all of your friends are busy this weekend too. It can be challenging when things get so busy that we forget about our loved ones who live close by, but it’s been a while since you’ve seen them. You could also try inviting them over for dinner if they don’t have any plans themselves. Be sure to make dessert because nothing says “home” like mom’s pie!

  • Go out for ice cream:

We all know how much we love ice cream, so why not go out this weekend? Pick one place in your city where everyone knows about it – like an iconic shop that has been around since before you were even born (ahem, Ben & Jerry’s). Grab a few people who are looking forward to what they’ll get themselves when they are done walking down memory lane with you; buy things like cones and sundaes.

  • Enjoy some binge-watching:

If you’re looking to stay at home this weekend, there’s no better way than binge-watching your favorite show. Put on a marathon, and not only will your Saturday night be taken care of, but you will have things to talk about with your friends during work the next day too! If you don’t have any paid subscription, then you can enjoy watching free shows and movies at ilike movie as it offers a ton of online streaming shows.

  • Do something creative:

A lot of people find themselves bored on weekends because they spend all their time working and never allow themselves any time to just relax and be creative. Try spending some free time this weekend doing things where you can let loose without feeling guilty about wasting money or being unproductive – such as using things you have at your home to make something new!

  • Visit with friends:

Sometimes, all we need is someone to act as our personal entertainment, and that person doesn’t necessarily have to be another person! Go out this weekend and visit one of your favorite stores or restaurants; it will keep things interesting while also giving you time away from your computer screen. And if things get too dull where you are, order delivery and try things you may have never considered before.

  • Hang out at the pool:

It’s summertime, so why not take advantage of it? You don’t need to travel far away or spend a lot of money, just find your local swimming pool and enjoy some sunshine with friends! If you want to make things more interesting, invite someone else who doesn’t know how to swim – then they can teach while also learning themselves. Or if the water isn’t warm enough for you (or even too cold), turn off all electronics and play games like cornhole or bocce ball instead; either way is a fun time spent together that will keep things interesting.

  • Spend time in nature:

Sure, sometimes we forget about what’s outside of our screens and can forget how beautiful things are in nature. Try to get out this weekend for a hike or just some time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. You will feel energized and refreshed after you return from your trip.

  •  Make some arts & crafts:

Have fun making things that make other people feel great – like homemade cards or gifts for someone else. Make something special for yourself while you are at it; try things like mixed media collages where you can put together photographs from childhood with new ones that represent who you are now.

  • Do things together:

Spend some quality time doing something as a family; this can be anything from playing board games (you could even try one of these) to cooking dinner or going out and exploring somewhere new near you. You can even plan a fun family night in with movie night or a cozy fire.

  • Find things to do at home:

No one ever said you have to go out and spend your weekend doing something else, right? There are a lot of things that can be done from the comfort of your own living room – like checking off items on your bucket list, hosting friends for dinner parties, or curling up by yourself with some good reads. You could also make things like these playlists to get you pumped about tonight’s activities!

  • Plan your next home project:

Sometimes, doing things yourself can be more rewarding than buying something for the house (plus, it’s way cheaper). If there are some things that you’ve been putting off to save some money, now is a great time to get started! You could check out stores for materials and then spend the weekend getting those projects done.



It can be hectic to figure out how to spend your weekend when you only have limited free time off from work. Hopefully, this list may help you with some things to do on your weekend. So whether it’s something new or one of the things that we recommended, get out there and have a good time!

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