10 Reasons Players Love World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an online Role-Playing Game, that was introduced to gamers in 2004. World of Warcraft is fourth edition to the game set in the Warcraft fantasy universe. This was released by Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment has published a game that has won the most subscribers in the online games history. WoW has 10.1 million subscribers, which is a very huge number. This is why; WoW owns the most popular MMORPG Guinness Book of World Records status. This game is revolutionary in the sense that it has been loved most sincerely since its introduction on 23 November, 2004. Here are 10 reasons players love World of Warcraft:

  • World of Warcraft inspires from other fantasy games.

You do not miss playing other games, if you are too addicted to World of Warcraft. This game takes inspiration from other games, puts their features and fantasy setting ideas into it and the game is expanded to include almost everything that other games have. As such, you are gaining dynamic experience by playing World of Warcraft. Players choose to play World of Warcraft because it is expansive, enormous, evolving and diverse.

  • You can earn real money by playing World of Warcraft.

It is considered that World of Warcraft is a full-time job, where you grind WoW Gold. You are required to attain higher levels in the game, and earn WoW gold to buy epic gear and items. You can sell the wow gold online to different platforms, and make money for real. Many gamers make dollars on daily basis by playing World of Warcraft.


  • You fall in love with its characters.

It might be the only game whose characters are very famous. You make friends and foes keeping in mind what next person aspires in the game. Choosing to be either Horde or Alliance is a big decision to make in the game. You grow your loyalties and liking for each character. Another amazing choice is changing races in the game. Such is the impact of characters in social life of players.

  • You can wear T-shirt of your favorite game character.

This game is one of the most popular games played online. There are t-shirts available after the characters of the game. You can gift these T-shirts with people that play with you online as a gift. You can play this game with other players as well. You can play versus your friends and family, and defeat them in an enjoyable and joyous environment.

  • This game does not exclude women – it is all inclusive.

World of Warcraft has amazing female characters, who are not fragile or just walk in the game. You can choose to play any female character in the game. This game has strong females, such as Sylvanna and Garona. You can play females from both races.

  • This game has amazing collectibles.

This game has collectibles pieces, which are very cute, innocent and adorable. There are mini collectibles of many characters that you can buy your children, and share adorable side of the game with your kids, nieces and nephews.

  • You do not have to be anti-social in the game.

Players are accused to be anti-social, because their eyes are tied to the screen developing their characters and game in the game setting. However, this game has many players with you playing in the game. It is very encouraging and thrilling to see new players just beginning in the game, and seniors enjoying their powerful and robust gears. All players chat, enjoy their talks and share their experience with each other. So, this game gives you a sense of socializing and community. There are couples who met in the chat section of the game, and are married today with kids.

  • You can chat as any of the characters.

There are many servers that allow you to maintain your roles in the in-game chat. You can have these special servers, and enjoy talking to your fellow gamers while staying in the character. This surely doubles the enjoyment of playing the game.

  • This game wants your loyalty and sincerity.

This game has paid subscription system. This means that in order to play World of Warcraft, you must pay. Paying is a serious step in the gaming world. WoW requires subscription because it needs your loyalty and sincerity. This game is for players who will play it seriously, sincerely and passionately.

  • Blizzcon is an interesting affair.

Blizzard holds an annual gaming fair for the players, in which it introduces new products, posters and merchandize. Blizzcon is very exciting and thrilling for the players who are in depth love for the game.



World of Warcraft is one of the most played and popular games online. This game has been loved consistently since 2004, and is continually to be a favorite of the gamers.

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