Top 10 Strategy Books for Life, Business and Everything

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Sometimes in life we need some inspiration with life, and get us past troubles. Books can be this inspiration, whether they be eBooks or good old fashioned words on paper. Below we have a list of books that give plenty of help with how to get through life struggles, business, and even some gaming. Here are ten books that may help you with a strategy for any problems you face:

The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-Being In the Digital Era by Amy Blankson

If you’ve ever felt lost in the online world, this is the book for you. Giving you tips of how to find a balance in the new hectic world, it provides interesting strategies to become a success.

The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

A book by two of the most inspiration people living today has to be something special. Reading this books gives you plenty of inspiration for finding happiness in this hectic world we find ourselves in, helping us find the successes that are waiting out there for us.

Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose by Caroline Murray

2017 is a hard year, and we need to toughen ourselves up. This book by gives plenty of ways to find passion in life, and to find the grit needed to be a success.

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential by Barbara Oakley, Ph. D.

One strategy to find success is to find what you are actually good at and how to develop these talents. These may be things that you never even realised you were good at. Read this book so you can find these talents and find success in life.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu isn’t just about battles on the war field, but battles in life too. Full of strategies in which to overcome problems, this book looks at the human condition and helps us to form a plan to become a success.

How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) by Sale Canegie

Probably one of the best-known books on this list, How to Win Friends and Influence People is full of wisdom about how to get noticed and to be a success.

Roulette: A Pros Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel by John Patrick

In a successful life, we have to have time to have some fun. Many people find games like online roulette as a way to find that fun. Full of tips of how to play roulette games, this book also provides plenty of tips that work well in life too.

How To Win At The Sport Of Business by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a huge success as an entrepreneur and this book collects some of his best blog posts providing plenty of tips for life, business, and money.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

If you are sick of the 9-to-5 boring job most of us have to lead, read this book. Full of strategies as to how to take alternative routes for work, this is a nice different approach to being a success.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy is about thinking differently than everybody else. Instead of trying to do something that everybody else does a little better, try do something completely new.

The books above offer plenty of inspiration for life, business, and all of the problems that life may bring.

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