Happy MacGyver Day!

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by Joe Zicari @SharePointJoe on January 23, 2012

in Television, The 80s

Today I celebrate never using a gun. Today I celebrate the mullet. Today I celebrate my love for Hockey. Today I celebrate my love of the 80s. Today I celebrate Richard Dean Anderson’s birthday.

That’s right. Everyone’s loveable hero MacGyver is 62 years young today.

Some fancy doctor at some fancy University has deemed today the most depressing day of the year. I say no way! It’s time to celebrate! Take a minute to tweet a Happy birthday to MacGyver or even update your FaceBook status. He’s a big deal.

In closing, I’d like to say Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson and thank you for making me believe that I could get out of any jam with a pocket knife, a stick of gum and a rubber band.

Check out Richard Dean Anderson’s website here, and follow him on Twitter!


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