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Nowadays, you can’t just grab someone and throw them in a pool without risking $100s in electronics. What other things ‘just aren’t the same’ anymore?

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. And sometimes we run out of list ideas for this website. Enter National Ex-Spouse Day.

Psychic abilities such as telepathy and the ability to predict the future have always fascinated us, so it comes as no surprise that they often show up in literature. So what are some of the most memorable fictional characters in literature who have possessed psychic powers? Here are a few of note: Carrie White from [...]

Here are some of the most notorious YouTube memes that have sprouted wings and become globally recognizable in the decade since YouTube opened its virtual doors.

Cartoon characters can sound pretty dirty when you put their catchphrases on candy hearts.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

2014 is the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe! To celebrate, I’ll recap the evolution of the brand over the last 50 years, and then I’ll give my thoughts on what I’d like to see happen next.