The 50 Greatest G.I. Joe and Cobra Characters – Meet the Panel

We thank the bloggers, podcasters, collectors & site runners that comprised the panel:


Rob Buzan – creator of Joe A Day – blogging a G.I. Joe figure each day, co-host of the Flag Points podcast (@Joe_A_Day)

Mike Irizarry – CO-host of the What’s on Joe Mind? podcast (@MikeIrizarry1)

Justin Bell – creator of, co-host of the What’s on Joe Mind? podcast, contributor to G.I. Joe Collector Newsletter (@GeneralsJoes)

Dave – co-host of the Flag Points podcast (@FlagPoints)

Carson – creator of – the only interactive, three dimensional museum of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero nostalgia (@3DJoes)

Jason (AKA Wild Weasel) – curator of and Grape Soda (@terrordrome)

Dan Uthman – creator and admin of – maps and stories chronicling the locations of G.I. Joe missions, battles & other important places (@DanUthman)

Jose Gonzales – writer of Now Back to G.I. Joe blog (@TherealJoseGon)

John Vanover – admin of TV and Film Toys (@Engineernerd)

Jay Malone – contributor to The Terrordrome, host of the Push to Regen podcast (@JCorduroy)

Joe Zicari – UnderScoopFire’s own G.I. Joe collector and resident Viper (@SharePointJoe)

Howie Decker – editor of UnderScoopFire (@HowardtheDeck)


And many thanks to our special guest panelists:

Marvel’s Director of Communications – Arune Singh (@arune)

Writer of IDW’s G.I. Joe – Fred Van Lente (@fredvanlente)


Can’t get enough of these guys? Check out the G.I. Joe episode of our podcast, where Howie and Joe discuss all things G.I. Joe with Justin, Jason & Dave!  Even #Golobulus. (sorry Joe)


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