The 10 Greatest Playsets of All Time

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10. Dungeons & Dragons Fortress of Fangs

This playset is what happens when you try to cram all of the goodness of Dungeons & Dragons in a playset. The classic trap door is here as well treasure and other D&D Staples. It’s all wrapped up in a snake motif sculpted head.

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9. The Muppets Backstage

Out of all of the playsets on the list, this one is probably the closest to its screen representation. It helps that we only see the set from certain angles and this playset captures those angles exactly. The hyper-detail everywhere coupled with Rowlf the dog figure catapulted it to the top of every Muppets fan’s want list. Read OAFE’s review here.

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8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Sewer Lair

While the sewer seems to be where you find giant alligators, you can’t help but think of the sewer when TMNT come up. This playset is a huge representation of the Turtle Lair, with a jail and various play areas. A sought after item, this set is a great background piece for a collection display.

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7. G.I. Joe Headquarters

The first great G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero playset. This set gave the Joes a base with all sorts of features including a jail and computer screens. It didn’t hurt that vehicles had specific areas where they fit on the base. Even today, this set is a great display centerpiece.

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6. Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

A famous set piece from both the films and the animated series, a Ghostbusters line wouldn’t be complete without the Firehouse. Again, this is one of those playsets that collectors seem to seek out for not only Ghostbusters figures, but other lines as well.

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5. Cobra Terrordrome

The Joes have their Headquarters, Cobra had the Terrordrome. A technological castle for Cobra to strike from, this playset has the feel of Cobra’s bases from the Sunbow cartoon. A Firebat in the middle of the set gave it a vehicle to play with as part of the fun.

4. The Muppet Show Swedish Kitchen

The Muppets Backstage set is a perfect representation from the show, but the Swedish Kitchen brings something completely different. While not as screen accurate, the kitchen set came packed with so many great accessories, we’ll probably never see its equal. From the Swedish Chef figure to the talking cake, every piece of this set is thought out and makes sense. Opening drawers and fridge are some of the highlights of this spectacular set.

3. Star Wars Death Star Space Station

The father of all Star Wars playsets, the Death Star was the ultimate base for figures of the Empire. Its four floors contain everything from an exploding cannon to shoot at your X-wing to a foam “trash” filled trash compactor. The Death Star really helped cement what collectors felt a 3.75” playset should be.

2. Castle Greyskull

One of the most recognized playsets ever, Castle Greyskull is one of the things that pops into everyone’s head when they hear Masters of the Universe. This well deserved ranking on the list comes from both the look and playability of this playset. Kids loved the drawbridge and other action gimmicks. Collectors today still seek this very unique looking castle as backdrop for both their vintage and modern figures.

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1. G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg

When people talk about big playsets from any line, comparisons to the USS Flagg are inevitable. This set had room for tons of figures and multiple aircraft on its deck. While well discussed, due to its size it is rarely seen. As such a massive piece, it takes a dedicated space to display properly. If you are a G.I. Joe collector, there is no better display centerpiece.

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Which playsets would you include on this list? Which would you take off? Hit the comments and let us know!