Fantasy Task Force Database

All guests of UnderScoopFire are given the opportunity to select their own Fantasy Task Force. Task Force members can be selected from any 80s property that had a cartoon, comic, or toy line. Movie characters are eligible, provided they had an accompanying toy, comic, or cartoon. We excluded Star Wars – though it flourished as an “80s property”, it has transcended the decade and would open the floodgates to many other exceptions. For the full history of the UnderScoopFire Fantasy Task Force, check out Podcast #11.

Here are some of the Task Forces that have been assembled so far:


Team Truitt

Brian Truitt – Writer, Editor, Blogger USA Today


Team Easton

Brandon Easton – Writer, Thundercats & Shadowlaw


Justin’s Ass-Kicking Team of Death

Justin Bell – Admin of, contributor to G.I.Joe Collector Club Newsletter

(Winner of Inaugural Fantasy Task Force Draft Vote!)


Team Palafox

Maria Palafox – Creator of PrettyPicante Blog, Co-Host “I Hearth Geeks” Podcast


Queens of Mean

Jason Gross/Wyatt Bloom – Creators, Mask Movie


Team UnderScoopFIRE!

Howie Decker – Co-Creator, Editor of


Team Tanski

Chris Tanski – Host, The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast


Team Zicari

Joe Zicari – UnderScoopFire Contributor, Podcaster


Want to select your own Fantasy Task Force? Put your name and email address in the comments below or email – when we get enough interested parties we will hold the second official UnderScoopFire Fantasy Task Force Draft!