This Halloween enjoy an Overwatch Special, Chucky 7, Bloodsuckers Slots and more! Wanna Play?

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Halloween is around the corner again, and if you enjoy the scary pop culture associated with this time of the year, then it looks like you will be in for a treat. From films to video games, there will be something for everyone who likes a good fright. Let’s look at what it’s in store for us this Halloween.

Overwatch Halloween Special

Kids love Halloween, but sadly, most seasonal entertainment is adult-only. Parents will be happy then to hear that October 10th marks the beginning of this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror Special. This team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game has built up a huge fan base among kids and adults since its 2016 debut. Players will look forward with eager anticipation to see what new heroes will be made available in this event. Leaks show that there will be some cool new skins for Mei, Zenyatta and Symettra, but what we really want to see is a return of Dr Junkenstein!

Pokémon Go Halloween 2017

Pokémon set up a scary Halloween event last year which proved wildly popular, and are set to repeat the fun again in the next few weeks. This time round, the rumors are that there might be a third generation of Pokémon unveiled to the public. That is a pretty exciting prospect, but even if we must wait a little longer for Generation 3, then there will still likely be some scary new characters to catch. The recent Equinox event allowed us to catch Mewtwo, but it’s not clear yet if the Halloween version will include raids on the most valuable Pokémon of all. Either way, we have been hitting the treadmill to get fit enough to make this Halloween a successful one.

Bloodsuckers 2

Slot fans are in for some blood-curdling fun this Halloween as games developer NetEnt releases the sequel to their highly popular Bloodsuckers slots game. Bloodsuckers 2 will be available from October 12th and the videos previews are rather hair-raising, with the hidden treasure bonus round looking like a scream. The maximum default win on this game has been raised to a mammoth €300,000, so if you can beat the vampires and other ghouls, you can make a fortune on this casino game.

Jigsaw (Saw 8)

The release of Saw:3D in 2010 was supposed to be the conclusion of the hit horror franchise, but Lionsgate have decided to serve up another twisted tale in the saga. Set 10 years after the death of the last Jigsaw killer, the film focuses on a police investigation into a new succession of murders which seem to fit the original modus operandi. It will see the return of Tobin Bell as the original killer, and we are excited to see how big a role this character will play this time round. Jigsaw will be in movie theaters on October 27th and we can’t think of a more frightening way to spend Halloween.

Chucky 7

Sequels have been all the rage in mainstream Hollywood movies for the past few years, and the horror genre certainly seems to have followed suit, with the return of Saw and now Chucky. The evilest doll in the world is back again, this time tormenting Nica Pierce as she lies confined in her mental asylum. Released on October 2nd, Chucky 7 already has rave reviews under its belt, and looks like it will end up as a Halloween movie classic.

How will you spend Halloween? Trick or treating your neighbors, playing some games or watching the latest film releases? Are there any games or films that we didn’t cover that you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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