10 New Fall Shows That Will Be Cancelled by Christmas

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by Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner on September 5, 2013

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Yesterday, we reviewed 10 shows that were a safe bet to get a second season- shows you could invest your time in and DVR space to. Today we tackle shows that probably wont make it out of 2013 alive.

Based on the summaries provided by tvguide.com and preview featurettes available online, these ten network shows have been deemed DOOMED by Mr. Serious:


Sean Saves the World (NBC) 
Will & Grace alum Sean Hayes stars as a father who must figure out how to parent his 14-year-old daughter while dealing with a temperamental new boss. Better Off Ted‘s Victor Fresco will write and executive-produce with Hayes, and Hot in Cleveland‘s Todd Milliner.

Sean Saves the World - Season Pilot

This show might have stood a chance if it came out a couple of years after Will & Grace took its final bow. But 7 years later? (Yes, Will & Grace has been off the air for 7 years.) Sean Hayes  is the perfect supporting comedic actor, I just don’t think he has what it takes to carry a show. The only thing going for SStW is that its NBC, and… wait, that’s not a good thing.



Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) partners with Sleepy Hollow’s sheriff (Nicole Beharie) to solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil. Fringe‘s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will write and executive-produce. Orlando Jones and Katia Winter will also star. John Cho will guest-star.


As a big fan of Ichabod Crane and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I want this to work. I really do. I just don’t see how it sustains an audience much after Halloween, when the fad wears off. It just screams fish out of water solving mysteries. At least the headless horseman will be in it! I don’t think that will be enough.



We Are Men (CBS)
A young guy (Chris Smith) finds camaraderie living among the more experienced guys — Kal PennTony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell among them — he meets in a short-term rental complex. How I Met Your Mother‘s Rob Greenberg will write and executive-produce with Ericand Kim Tannenbaum (Two and a Half Men).

we are men_opt

The ONLY thing this has going for it is that its on CBS and it has a nice time slot (Monday nights after How I Met Your Mother-which is in its last season) Other than that, the show sounds like a retread. I am not sure anyone wants to spend 22 minutes having Jerry O’Connell dispense sage advice to the new guy.



Mind Games (ABC)
From Awake‘s creator Kyle Killen, the project is a provocative workplace ensemble about the complicated relationship between two brothers — Steve Zahn and Christian Slater — who head an agency that uses the real science of human motivation and manipulation to solve its clients’ problems. Megalyn EchikunwokeGregory MarcelWynn Everett and Cedric Sanders will also star. Ron Rifkin will guest-star.

mind games abc_opt

Christian Slater is television poison. Breaking In, My Own Worst Enemy, The Forgotten. None of these shows made it out of the first season. Lets add Mind Games to that. (Sorry, Steve Zahn!)



Mixology (ABC)
Set in a sexy Manhattan bar, the high-concept comedy from the writers of The Hangover chronicles the exploits of singles in search of love all over the course of one night. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will write and executive-produce.


This might be the second network series cancelled. I don’t think “Set in a sexy Manhattan bar” and “high-concept comedy” should ever be put in the same sentence. Has there been any buzz on this show… at all? ABC might have better off calling it “Vibeology” and casting Paula Abdul as a former pop star trying to resurrect her singing career. MC Scat Cat would co star.



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  • http://teamhellions.com Kevin Hellions

    I see Goldbergs is on Hulu already. Looks awful. I really want to try Dads and had no idea its in that slot. Throw it on on Sundays with the rest of Seth’s audience!

    • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

      That time slot is murder! Good call with Sundays, maybe Fox will smarten up after it gets its butt kicked and move it to Sethday.

  • http://aeiouwhy.blogspot.com Dex (@Dex1138)

    I think with Green & Ribisi, Dads could last at least a season. I hated The Neighbors the first time I watched it but after a few eps I got into the weirdness of it and am looking forward to its return (presuming I have my info right).

    Dads has to hold out. I mean, with the Cleveland Show gone, McFarlane needs another show on the air, right?

    • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

      Does he need another show on the air? I mean, really?

    • Nemo

      Agreed. I thought The Neighbors was going to be ridiculous, and not last a season. But, after watching it a few times. It is actually quite funny

      • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

        thanks again for joining the conversation here at UnderScoopFire, Nemo!

  • http://www.williambrucewest.com Will

    I’m pop culture guy and I haven’t even heard of most of these. Good post!

    • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

      Thanks Will!

    • guest

      You don’t have to pretend to be cool.

  • http://facebook.com/hessexpress2 T2H

    Maybe a Joanie Loves Chachi-type sitcom featuring Paula Abdul and Mc Skat Kat as recently-enamoured star crossed lovers. Namely “Opposites Attract.” But she likes the movies, sadly. And only he, likes TV.

    • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

      And with Paula’s popularity on the decline, the show would be cancelled by Halloween. Straight up!

  • http://redheadedmule.com ClarenceRHM

    For NBC, the only way they’ll cancel shows quickly is if they have record-setting lows (e.g. Do No Harm). The Peacock has settled for some shows hovering around the abysmal 1.0 18-34 rating for the past few seasons.

    Sean Saves the World is given the key 9PM slot where The Office used to be. If Sean’s show can’t perform, it’ll be a major embarrassment for NBC. Especially since NBC Thursday is almost a clean slate. Also, Dracula airs Fridays (not very competitive night) after Grimm, so it’ll have to do very, very badly.

    ABC: First, Killer Women isn’t slotted for Fall, but midseason. I will say that Killer Women can be a first-season hit on ABC given the right time slot. The Goldbergs looks lame at a glance; I thought it was an adaptation of the early 1950s sitcom named “The Goldbergs.” Mind Games & Mixology are mid-season shows.


    FOX: Sleepy Hollow’s on Mondays? If so, it won’t get yanked early unless the early ratings are horrific (e.g. Lone Star). Monday nighters Terra Nova and Alcatraz finished their seasons then got cancelled by the May upfronts. Dads looks lame, but I can see it sticking around a full season because of Seth McFarlane.

    CBS: We Are Men looks like a stinker bigger than Rob Schneider & William Shatner’s failed sitcoms. Friends with Better Lives isn’t slotted this Fall and nothing’s confirmed when it’ll air.

    • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)


      Thanks for dropping the knowledge! Looks like these shows technically wont be cancelled by Christmas if they HAVE DEBUTED BY THEN! Appreciate the info.

      And thanks for your detailed breakdown of the shows by network!

      • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)


  • Lamar the Revenger

    Good. I forgot to get the New Season Fantasy league started up again. I agree with your predictions, but I definitely think some will be gone sooner.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      What league are you talking about, Lamar??

  • Rick

    I know a writer on mind games who says it’s a mess. The showrunner is never there and they are turning out mid-level comedy. This shouldn’t be a big surprise on a Slater show.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      Slater= TV poison!!!

  • David Schmitt

    After Freaks and Geeks I need never see another ‘Set in the 80′s” show. You can’t top perfection.

  • Mary Sue

    I disagree about Sleepy Hollow. That show is Good and so far, I think it’s getting a nice amount of praise.. I’m hoping Dracula fairs well. I’m surprised you didn’t have Agents of Shield on the list. Now that was a boring premiere.

    • Howard Decker

      You didn’t like it? I think it met my expectations, which were tempered. I think it will certainly ramp up a bit, but I have managed expectations for that as well.

      • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

        I enjoyed the SHIELD premiere. Lots of potential there. And I could have my first misfire with Sleepy Hollow! But lets wait until Halloween fever has died down and see if the Craniacs (trade mark pending) still show up in droves. Thanks for the comments, Mary Sue!

  • http://www.underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    SLEEPY HOLLOW renewed for Season 2! Mark the date and time- barely into October and I have my first mistake!

  • Kevin Griffith

    You completely missed “Lucky 7″.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

      While researching the shows this summer, I came across it but didnt feel strongly that it would be a giant turd or a moderate hit. Clearly, it was craptastic.

  • YL Parker

    I don’t like Sleepy Hollow. Plot line seems farfethced that he would team up with a cop. I tried watching it,boring.I’m surprised it got renewed.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      I have yet to catch an episode, but hear good things from those watching weekly. I will probably check it out over the summer, see if its worth watching live for season 2.

  • http://advizortoall.blogspot.com Advizor54

    Except for Sleepy Hollow (on my DVR) and “The Goldbergs” (no on the DVR), I didn’t even know that most of these shows even existed.
    Dracula, Mixology, Killer Women, and the others haven’t’ appeared on my radar at all and I watch my share of TV and am a big Internet fan. If they can’t get a little good press about Broklyn Decker, they deserve to be cancelled.

    The shows may stink, but they certainly haven’t given them any support. My only hope is that Sleepy Hollow makes it. The rest will vanish without a trace.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

    You havent missed Mixology, Killer Women, or Dracula. When I wrote the article, I was under the impression that they were ALL fall shows. Not the case. Dracula does premiere this Friday night. Killer Women and Mixology are being held over as mid season replacements.

    • http://advizortoall.blogspot.com advizor54

      OH good, I was afraid I was more oblivious than usual.

  • Hadam10Rose

    Well you were wrong about Sleepy Hallow, renewed for a second season, first new show of the year to get that. But you were right about We Are Men, just wrong about the timing, it was caned after two episodes.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      Completely missed the mark with Sleepy Hollow! I was quietly rooting for it to be a hit. Glad its going to get a second season. Maybe I will start watching it now. As always, thanks for your comments and thanks for visiting the site!

  • Joey

    Great article with great research. One show here has been canceled, Sean Hayes’ show is likely to be canceled, though with NBC putting Parks and Rec on hiatus to extend The Voice until Sean Saves the World starts, that will likely boost its ratings. Two shows listed here have already had full season pick ups or a season two renewal, and the rest haven’t and likely won’t premiere until winter or spring. The Goldbergs is a total crapshoot. Its ABC, so who knows what they’ll do. Suburgatory has been kept alive with worse numbers.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      Thanks for the comments, Joey! Its a fun game to play- guessing what shows the networks will keep/dump based on their “trailers.” Appreciate you visiting Under Scoop Fire!

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