Slot Tips That Work

by Staff & Contributors

Do you want to win at slots at Cozino? Even though the odds are slightly against you in most games, millions of people around the world win on them every day. Of course, slot victories are largely down to luck, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. So, let’s look at five slot tips that work.

1.      Only play licensed slots.

Though this first tip isn’t exactly rocket science, for some reason, many seem to ignore it. Don’t make the same mistake: only play slots that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Otherwise, you may as well wire us some cash right now. (We’ll give you our bank account number later!)

2.      Check the slot’s pay tables.

When choosing a slot to play, it’s always a good idea to check its pay tables. Every game is unique and if you don’t do your homework properly, you could be in for a nasty surprise. For instance, slots with high volatility are very different from ones with low volatility. You tend to win less often with the former, but the rewards are usually much higher. In contrast, slots with low volatility pay out more often, yet the payouts are usually less lucrative. Don’t just look at the volatility, though: study the values of each symbol in a game, too, as you need to be able to tell the difference between the lower and higher ones. 

3.      Only play slots with a high RTP.

Did you know that all licensed slots have a return to player percentage (RTP)? An RTP is basically the percentage of your betting sum that will be paid back to you over time. And the higher the RTP, the better your chance of winning. Many slots these days boast RTPs of 95%, or more; thus, don’t even think about playing a slot that offers you less.

4.      Avail of freebies before you start playing for cash.

Cash gifts, demo games and free spins are all the rage in online slots – and it’s easy to see why. I mean, why pay for something that’s free? Freebies can save you money as you can learn how to play a game properly and become familiar with all the betting, symbols and bonus features before you start playing with your own cash. So, milk these, while you can!

5.      Set betting limits before you play.

Finally, set betting limits before you play. A good rule of thumb is to quit when you’ve doubled your initial stake (the winning run won’t last forever). And make sure you stop playing immediately when you’ve used up all your budget. Many people don’t know when to call it quits and, as a result, lose more than they can afford. Setting limits saves you that headache.

Final Thoughts

Our five great tips will help fix the odds more in your favour in slots. So, drink ’em up and send us a party invite when you win!


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