DC Live Action Universes: Which One is Better?

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We have an interesting situation unraveling in the DC Comics universe. On one hand, we have the upcoming Justice League, with quite a few superheroes brought back from the oblivion – think Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many others. On the other, we have a living and breathing DC universe happening on the small screen, with characters like Arrow, Atom, The Flash, and many others getting their chance to shine. And the two may often clash – like in the case of The Flash, played by a different actor in the TV series and the upcoming Justice League movie. Which inevitably leads us to a big question: out of the two parallel DC universes, which one is better?


The small-screen adventures of the DC superheroes are usually referred to by the common name “Arrowverse”. Currently, there are three series featuring characters connected in one way or another to the hooded vigilante: Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

The first two series are well-known – they are what they are, with their ups and downs. But Legends of Tomorrow is a surprising – and sometimes playful – twist on the storyline, featuring controversial characters like the White Canary, a dead and resurrected assassin with an often uncontrollable urge to kill, the Heat Wave / Captain Cold duo who don’t seem to be able to decide whether they are heroes or crooks, Ray Palmer, aka Atom, who resigned from active duty in Star City after finding out that his “death” hasn’t amounted to anything, and Rip Hunter, a time traveler gone rogue using his time machine to save the world – and his lost family.

Legends of Tomorrow has broken out of the usual flow of things, taking its team through space and time. The story, the visuals, and the multi-dimensional characters it has actually made me set aside my favorite New Zealand pokies for a change, becoming one of my favorite superhero-themed series ever.

The characters of the small-screen universe are lovable, fallible, and lifelike (sometimes), often human beings that have the technology to thank for their superpowers.

On the big screen

As opposed to the DC characters currently on the small screen, the ones on the big screen are almost godlike in their nature. The Man of Steel has left his human beginnings behind, becoming an idol. Bruce Wayne is a brutal crimefighter by night and a billionaire businessman by day. Diana Prince… well, she is truly lovable in her naivete in her origin story but seems to be a tough woman with her… um, sh*t together when she appears in Batman vs. Superman. And when it comes to the newcomers, Aquaman, The Flash (the movie version) and Cyborg, we really don’t know enough to find out whether or not we can relate to them (well, a lot depends on what Aquaman is drinking in the trailer).

At this moment, many might feel themselves being closet to those in the Arrowverse than the godlike figures in the Justice League. What do you think?

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Shawn Smith-Ford October 17, 2017 at 11:42 am

I like the tone better on the Arrowverse. most of the characters are a lot lighter and more fun. we will have to see where the cinematic universe goes now. since Whedon set a new tone there.


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