5 Frisco travel tips for fans of all things retro

If you’re taking a retro tour of the US, San Francisco should top your itinerary.

This Californian cultural center has provided a brilliant backdrop for classic movies like Bullitt and became the HQ of the Hippie Movement in 1960s America.

So whether you’re based there for week-long vacay or six month radical sabbatical, your only problem will be choosing which kitsch and cool activities to do next. Don’t forget to get some cool retro shoes at www.walkjogrun.net.

With that in mind, here are five Frisco travel tips for fans of all things retro.

  1. Visit Alcatraz

Alcatraz – simply saying the name out loud sends a shiver down the spine of anyone with the vaguest knowledge of American crime and punishment.

Few things are cooler than taking a boat trip and tour to this famous island fortress in San Francisco Bay and walking through the corridors where some of the nation’s most notorious prisoners were incarcerated.

Top tip: watch guilty pleasure thriller The Rock to get you in the mood for your Alcatraz trip.

  1. See the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge might be San Francisco’s most iconic tourist attraction and the aesthetic ambience of its sweeping lines is enhanced further by the awesome Art Deco touches applied by consulting architect Irving F. Morrow.

The structure’s elegant lampposts, vertical ribbing on horizontal tower bracing and rectangular tower portals differentiate it from other bridges as much as its vibrant vermillion color.

Top tip: Book bragain tickets for a Golden Gate Bridge tour at Viator.com.

  1. Stay at the Phoenix Hotel

The Phoenix Hotel is nestled in San Francisco’s trendy Tenderloin district and its retro-futuristic decor and motel vibe make it one of the city’s best places to stay.

Apparently, Neil Young resided here with his pet bush babies while recording Crosby, Still, Nash and Young’s brilliant Déjà vu album, while JFK Jr. and Debbie Harry were once accidentally checked into the same room – pretty cool credentials.

Top Tip: watch this Miles Medina DJ set from the Phoenix to decide whether it’s funky enough.

  1. Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar

The Tonga Room was built in 1945 and it’s part of the high-end Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco’s Nob Hill district.

This unique faux tropical space is a sublime place to socialize and its central lagoon was once a swimming pool, so you can watch the lights reflecting off the water as you drink and dance the night away.

Top tip: sample a Tonga Kong cocktail – it’s to die for.

  1. San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

If you’re in San Francisco for a while and plan to jet off from SFO for a few weekends away, be sure to build in time to take in one of the hub’s regular retro exhibitions.

There’s always something exciting to learn about, but the current Widebody exhibit is an excellent pick – it’s on until June 2020 and showcases the launch of the famous jumbo jets in the 1970s.

Top tip: find SFO parking deals at Looking4.com and fly with confidence.

That’s our list! Share your Frisco retro travel tips in the comments section

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