5 Addictive Online Games You’ll Trade Your Soul For

Don’t Play These 5 Addictive Online Games Unless You Have A Few Spare Lifetimes!

Disclaimer: simply going through this list can cause massive addiction paired with social anxiety and inability to communicate with other human being without a keyboard in an debuffed state. You have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

If you are reading these worlds, my friend, you have chosen to ether the realm of advanced online entertainment for real. Feel free to say your farewells to friends and family. Your PC is your new world now, a world without chores, bills and responsibilities. That sounds like a great deal, does it not?

What are the games we will be talking about?

World of Warcraft

An oldie, but a goodie. The game has an impressive amount of players – 2.330.338 worldwide. And that’s given that only active paladins, mages or rogues are considered to make it into the list. Blizzard’s most famed creation was losing its ground lately. But only until the new expansion was released. We are now back on track with progress, continued and new subscriptions as well as real lives dedicated purely to the causes of The Horde!

Any Online Gambling game out there

Phrases “australian online casino no deposit bonus” or “50 free spins USA” are on point with popularity in search engines like Google. People are losing themselves in the world of digital one-armed bandits, poker tables or roulettes. This isn’t peculiarly strange hence gambling was an essential element of any community since Stone Age. Taking risks is in our nature. Now, more than ever, with access to numerous casinos from something as small as the phone.

Team Fortress 2

The game has all it takes for online success – it’s free, fun, addictive and has hats. All kinds of hats. In fact, most people play this immensely popular multiplayer shooter filled with classes of heroes and action-packed matches simply because having a hat is obligatory. The game is squad-based meaning players have to team up to succeed. Or to get salty with friendly players, rather than the opponents.


Another gem from Blizzard, Overwatch has become an instant hit upon release. The game itself resembles Team Fortress in mechanics. But it’s not free. The price tag is around 60 dollars. The rest is pretty much the same. Team-based 5V5 matches of “Capture the Flag” or “Secure the Convoy”. The gameplay is pretty action packed. It doesn’t get anything close to boring even after playing for 7 straight hours in a row.


League of Legends

LoL is currently the most popular online game in the world! Players call it MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. That’s pretty much all LoL is. You get an impressive set of characters to pick from, you choose a map with slightly different objectives and you give your heart and soul to it fully. Words can’t describe the full extent of glory one can get from both a kill and series of insults coming from a salty troll. Only players can comprehend this feeling of unmatched victory.


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