World Gaming Records of the Decade

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Over the course of the past ten years, a lot has happened within the gaming world, with hundreds of new games released and new tech continually improving their quality and performance. It is estimated that there are now 2.5 billion gamers in the world, and with so many gamers out there, it is no real wonder that we have seen some pretty impressive records being set within the industry over the past decade.


Fastest Ever Perfect Game Of Pac Man

David Race is officially the best Pac-Man player in the world. He completed a perfect game of Pac-Man in just three hours, 33 minutes and 1.40 seconds, and achieved the maximum possible score of 3,333,360 points using an original Pac-Man machine.

In order to achieve the perfect Pac-Man score of 3,333,360, the player must navigate 256 boards or levels, and eat every pellet, fruit, and ghost— and do so all without dying.

Anyone who has ever played Pac-Man before will know that that is a near impossible challenge, which makes Race’s record especially impressive and pretty mindblowing.


Fastest Time To Complete Super Mario Bros

Andrew Gardikis holds the world record for the fastest completion of Super Mario Bros, in a highly impressive 58.56 seconds. Starting from the age of just 14, Gardikis had been on a very specific quest. He didn’t just want to play Super Mario Bros better than anyone else, but also faster; a record which he successfully achieved back in 2007 after a lot of hard work and practice.


Highest Score In Zen Mode Of Fruit Ninja

In December 2017, Jonah Payne set the world gaming record for officially achieving the highest ever documented score in Fruit Ninja. He scored 1386 points in zen mode, which is one of three regular modes in the game. In zen mode, the player must slice as many normal fruits as they can in just 90 seconds. Payne managed to successfully slice 15.4 fruits each second.


Largest Ever Online Slot Payout

Slots sites have evolved considerably since the beginning of the decade, and they are now more popular than ever. In the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, 37% of PC and mobile players play social casino games, such as slots, poker, bingo, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Slots emerge as the most popular type of social casino game, played by 53% of social casino players.

As such, some slot sites now pay out pretty monumental sums of cash. The largest ever online jackpot payout to be certified by The Guinness World Records was a whopping $20,062,600, won by British Jon Heywood in October 2015.

Other monumental online winnings include $13.6 million being won in April 2016, and $15.19 million being won in August 2016. However, the largest slot payout of all time, not just online, remains in Las Vegas. In 2013, a 25 year-old playing a $100 Megabucks machine hit a jackpot win of an incredible $39.7 million.


Highest Survived Fall In Minecraft

In 2015, “Ima10yearoldboy” set the record for surviving the highest fall on Minecraft, after enduring a 1,000,000 meter fall into a solid block.

When playing Minecraft, falling is a pretty common way to die. Normally, falling as little as 23 blocks would kill you off, even if you started out with full health. Things in the game such as falling feathers, water buckets and ender pearls can soften the blow and save you from death, but even so, falling a 1,000,00 meter drop and surviving is certainly very, very unlikely and incredibly impressive in the online world of Minecraft.


Highest Flappy Bird Score

I’m sure we can all still remember all the crazed hype around Flappy Birds when it first launched back in 2013, with people tapping away at the game for hours and hours on end. Ben King, however, set the record for the highest score back in October 2014, with a score of 1940 points. But how difficult is Flappy Birds really? Well, apparently on average it takes nearly 1 million attempts to score just 25 points, demonstrating just how bonkers and impressive King’s score of 1940 points really is.

There have been some pretty cool, pretty spectacular and pretty strange world records set within the gaming community over the course of the past decade. As the new decade gets rolling, it will be interesting to slowly find out what new and wacky gaming records will be set.

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