UnderScoopFire Podcast #39 – Geek Confessions

These are our confessions.


Recently, Howie Decker unveiled an embarrassing list. He published a list of the Top 10 Movies He’d Never Seen, trotting such skeletons out of his closet as never having seen Karate Kid, Stand By Me, The Godfather, and Jaws.

This post was met with shock and awe, as the readers flocked to the comments, Facebook and Twitter to admonish, pity, and reprimand him for his transgressions.

Based on the outpouring of response, the other 4 USF Voltron Lions came to Decker’s aid, and decided to reveal similar lists on this podcast. While movies are definitely discussed, these confessions cover TV, video games, childhood, and MUCH more.


In this episode:

    • Tank is SCOOPin’ Rob Zombie’s Broad Street Bullies (based on the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers – it does look awesome).
    • Googs is SCOOPin’ Rochester Real Beer Week, particularly at his favorite bar Tap & Mallet. Locals can friend them on Facebook here.
    • Corey watched FOX’s New Girl season 1 from start to finish, we get his reaction.
    • Why @underscoopfire had to block its first Twitter follower
    • CONFESSIONS! All 5 members of the roundtable admit to various shortcomings- a sample of what is brought up: Sex & The City, Titanic, & The Spice Girls

Show notes:

Here’s the book Howie got for Father’s Day – Darth Vader & Son. A great gift for any Star Wars fan.

If you enjoy our weekly SCOOPin’ It segment, be sure to check out our Scoop of the Day on underscoopfire.com.

The Tweet of the Week comes from @zachforzombies.

The Twitter Avatar of the Week is @nachosarah. She truly gets hotter every avatar change.


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For your information, Googs has “plenty of cable”.

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