UnderScoopFire Competes in the Pop Culture Playoffs

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

A winner-take-all tournament to determine whose pop culture knowledge is supreme.

Sounds awesome right? It does, and it is.

Surfing Aliens is a very entertaining weekly podcast, as part of the BoboBroadcasting Network. While normally “Surfing the Galaxy for all things Fun and Geek-Worthy”, they stop once monthly to bring us the Pop Culture Playoffs!

This month, Tank and Howie from UnderScoopFire were among the 8 contestants in this edition of the Pop Culture Playoffs. On top of that, our friend Fogs (co-host of The (title pending) Movie Podcast was a contestant as well. It shaped up to be a full-on UnderScoopFire family invasion!

One shall stand. Seven shall fall.

The drama builds as TWO of the three of us actually squared off against each other in the FIRST ROUND and one of us makes it to the FINALS! Did that contestant win it all? You’ll have to listen to find out!!

Click here to visit the Surfing Aliens site and check out the Pop Culture Playoffs!

(It’s a very quick listen, and trust me, you’ll really enjoy listening and playing along!)


While you’re visiting Surfing Aliens, check out their Ultimate 100 Movie Project!



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