Try Not to Kill Kenny in These South Park Slots

by Staff & Contributors

Online casinos face a tough challenge – in the face of great competition they need to be constantly introducing slots that are going to capture the imagination of players and, most importantly, keep them playing.

A popular way of doing this is to create games round other films or TV programmes that their target audience enjoy and to capture some of the spirit of the original in the game.

Some translate well, others less so but one that is a natural for this is the fantastic South Park slot. It not only captures the anarchic energy of the original and combines it seamlessly with the game play, there are also many great features that are sure to appeal to the slots experts too.

Ever since the show first appeared 20 years ago in 1997 it quickly gathered a cult following and made unlikely heroes of the main characters –  not to mention getting some pretty big guest stars to appear in it too.

Naturally, the slot game features the four main characters from the Colorado town, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny and is jam-packed with features that use authentic-style animation in the style of the show.

Each of the four characters has their own bonus feature which is triggered when the one in question appears on reel five. For Stan it starts by him being sick on Wendy – so far so predictable – and this then leads to sticky wilds appearing for a maximum 2 free spins in which you can win up to 30 times your stake.

The Kyle feature begins with 10 free spins and if baby Ike appears in any of them it triggers a typically South Park piece of action. Despite Ike’s protests, Kyle boots him into a mailbox which he bounces off and lands on a multiplier square. It all means that if everything goes your way you could start winning some serious money.

Now onto poor old Kenny. Not, surprisingly his bonus feature involves him losing lives. You have to guide him through three different zones, win, danger, and multiplier and he has three lives to see him through.

Last, but never least, Cartman’s bonus game involves flushing much-despised hippies out from behind the bushes. Once triggered there are eight bushes to choose from but danger also lurks behind them because if you find the policeman instead this marks the end of the bonus feature.

Alongside these there are a number of mini features too. These are based on wilds and are triggered at random. Characters you’ll come across in these include Terrance and Philip as well as the festive Mr Hankey.

Probably the best of these feature is the Cartman one which is called the Beefcake wild in which a 3 x 3 block of symbols take over the reel and can earn you some very reasonable wins.

So, all in all, it’s a game that South Park fans are sure to love and, even if you’ve never seen a single episode, there’s plenty to appeal to the dedicated slots player too. Just try not to kill Kenny too often!

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