100 Things You Already Forgot About 2015

2015 was a banner year, right? Or was it? I can’t remember.

Here are 100 things about 2015 that we’ve already forgotten:

How that mid-season finale of your favorite show ended.


How cheap gas was.

That damn dress we argued over the color of.

How much we ALL idolize Paul Rudd.


What you got for your birthday.

The last time you had tacos. Go have tacos.

Who invited these kids over:


Who you sat next to at Thanksgiving dinner.

Who you stood next to while watching 4th of July fireworks.

Who won Miss Universe.

What Shia LeBeouf got in trouble for last.

That other big movie you saw this year.


All the pop songs that weren’t Hello.

How much time you wasted waiting in lines.


That dream you had about a snowman and your dad hitchhiking in the forest.

That they had to move a whole Street.


That person who suddenly and mysteriously stopped ‘liking’ all of your Facebook posts.

How big (or little) your tax refund was.

That dentist appointment you cancelled due to a “scheduling conflict” but never rescheduled.


The last time you had pretzels. Seriously, why don’t you buy pretzels more often? They’re way healthier than chips.

Who the last person you saw on Halloween night was (besides the person you woke up with on November 1).

Who won the Super Bowl.

How you got that headache.


The last time you used a coupon for something. Everyone uses a coupon for something.

The last “extracurricular” work function you went to. Was it way back in the summer? Surely you’ve done something with work people since then, right?

Why we went apeshit over grapefruit beer and alcoholic root beer.

OOH wait I mean Why we went GRAPEshit over grapefruit beer! Stop groaning and smile.

How many times you got seriously pissed in traffic.


What your last New Year’s Resolution was.

The last celebrity you DVRed an episode of a late night talk show to see.

The last animal you played with besides your own pet.

That time you impressed some strangers.


How many weddings you went to.

How many birthday parties you went to.

How many birthdays you forgot.

All of April.

How that night with Bill Cosby ended. 


Whether you finished season 3 of House of Cards or not.

Who texted you first on your birthday.

The last time you talked to your mom. Seriously, you should call her.

How awesome Grantland was.

Which one of the Hotline Bling gifs was your favorite.

To eat your vegetables (dang- I keep forgettin’ too).

Who died first on Scream Queens.




The last syndicated rerun you watched- was it Friends? Modern Family? It was Parks & Rec!

Everything on this list before the blurry Bill Cosby picture.

Why you even started the argument in the first place. (It was over what to eat for dinner)

The fact that Myanmar held its first free election since 1990. Current events, people!

Where you were when you saw the “leaked” test footage that got a movie made.


The big meteor shower you stayed up late for.

What shows you binge watched.

What shows you gave up on.

How often you wore shorts.

If it was the one on your left, or her left.

her left.


The name of the horse that won all those races.

How many comic book movies came out this year.

How mad we were when Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble.

How many things Tina and Amy did together (let’s count: hosting the Golden Globes, hosting SNL, Sisters) OKAY THREE.

The terrible Golden Globes joke Jeremy Renner made about J-Lo’s boobs.


That this website all but disappeared from April to November.

How much it sucks to move.

How satisfying this was to watch:


How bad your bracket looked after the first weekend of NCAA March Madness.

Why you went to the mall in the first place.

The theme song from the second season of True Detective. Still remember that first one though!

Verizon’s old logo. Yes, they changed their logo in 2015. You only pay attention to AT&T ads though:


That there was a Jem movie.

That a chicken ran a corporate Twitter account.

That crab we swore we spotted on Mars.

How much John Rambo enjoys playing with his cats:

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