The Smart Way to Proceed with CS: GO Betting

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If you are an eSports fan, you have surely heard of CS: GO. This iconic first-person shooter is known for excellent graphics and interesting plot. But it takes time and effort to find the right approach to the gaming routine. Beginners and even professionals often feel confused about betting at Similar to any video game, CS: GO features a number of tricks that make betting more complex.

The Market of CS: GO Betting

You can find a lot of CS: GO betting markets offered by the best online betting sites. The offer is ranging from the most popular tournaments like the ESL Pro League, BLAST, and the Majors to local events. So what are the markets you can focus on in CS: GO betting?

Match winner

The traditional market can be found in any sports discipline, including eSports. All you have to do is to select the winner. Considering the eSports nature, the draw option is mainly excluded from the winner markets. Thus, you have to choose between Team A or Team B.

Map winner

If you are not sure about the potential winner, you refer to bookmakers. They offer you to place a bet on the one winning a single map. But you shouldn’t forget that some teams perform significantly better on particular maps compared to others. This is the very trick of this market. Before playing a bet, you should research your team’s habits and playing style.

Maps handicap

Sometimes one team is hugely admired by the public, while another one is underestimated by it. Instead of wasting time, you can place your bet on the map handicap market. This way, you basically provide the underdog with an advantage.

Map 1/2/3 round handicap

Similar to a maps handicap, rounds handicap also focuses on a favorite team to balance out the advantage. The map is played until either team reaches 16 rounds out of 30. If Team A is heavily admired to win the first map, they can win a 3.5 handicap by at least 4 rounds. If Team B is an underdog for any given map, they can win a +3.5 handicap by a less than 4 rounds.

Maps total

You can make a bet on the total number of maps to be played in the game. Thus, you are betting on whether the team will secure the 2:0 win or the match will be determined in a tiebreaker (2:1). With this approach, you will have two options of over 2.5 maps and under 2.5 maps.

Correct score

Instead of guessing the exact number of rounds, you can refer to the leading online betting operators. They offer you the following deal:

  • Team A to win 2-0
  • Team A to win 2-1
  • Team B to win 2-0
  • Team B to win 2-1

You are supposed to choose the most realistic option. It will be your actual bet.


You can place your wagers during the live streaming of the CS: GO event. Your offer might differ depending on the bookie. But the most popular option is betting on a round winner. Remember that the very helpful live steam service is available for every client.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to bet, you can select the most suitable format for yourself. Ideally, you act in accordance with the situation. Is it an international tournament? Does your favorite team demonstrate a stable performance? What is the latest statistics? These are only some of the questions to be answered before betting.

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