The Scoop of the Day – Golden Girls Edition

Here’s what we’re SCOOPin’ today:


This piece written by Claymation Werewolf for says we need more characters like the Golden Girls on today’s TV. Where All My Old People At?


7 Things You Might Not Know About The Golden Girls. (via Mental Floss)


The 20 best Blanche Devereaux-isms. (via Flavorwire)


Check out this 1985 TV Guide Fall Preview on Branded in the 80s. Here’s the Golden Girls page!


Here’s a good site for some Golden Girls trivia. Take the quiz!


Take a walk down memory lane at Golden Girls Central. (Also the name of my livingroom.)


Surely by now you’ve seen the Golden Girls/Superfriends mash-up, but if not – GO NOW. (via ShezCrafti)


Warning: The clips below will make you wish “Golden Girls: The Musical” was a real thing.

John Larroquette was known for his portrayal of the male-chauvinist womanizing district attorney Dan Fielding on TV’s Night Court. Betty White is best known for her portrayal of the ditzy, innocent, unaware and unassuming Golden Girl Rose Nylund – which is what makes this clip of Betty White hitting on John Larroquette so awesome. Stick around for cameos from two other Golden Girls as well, all playing themselves, and making references to their Golden Girls characters.

This was clearly the “very special” episode of The John Larroquette Show. Bonus points for the “Free Willy” reference.


Tweet of the Day


Birthday Babe – Estelle Getty


Today’s Failed Attempt to Capitalize on the Popularity of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

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