The Pros and Cons of Working as a Flight Attendant

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A flight attendant’s job is to be the host or hostess to all the passengers on board an aeroplane. They are responsible for the travelers’ safety and comfort for the duration of the flight. If you are considering a career as a flight attendant, here is a list of the significant pros and cons you should be aware of.   


The Pros of Working as Flight Attendants

  • Not everyone has the temperament to work long hours in a monotonous office job. A flight attendants’ job is far from that. You are always on the go and every day is different. As such, you get to interact with new and interesting people – new pilots, aircrew, airport workers, passengers, and so on. A flight attendants’ job is ideal for you if you are a people’s person.
  • Travel is food for the soul. It comes as no surprise that more people love to travel than not. However, traveling is not a cheap experience. By the very nature of the job, flight attendants get to travel frequently. Airline companies pay for their accommodation and food, and they receive a salary to boot. While you may not get enough time to enjoy yourself on short flights, longer flights offer you ample opportunity to explore the areas you visit, much like a tourist. Flight attendants start off on local airways but soon find themselves on long trips all over the world (depending on the airline). 
  • Airline workers can also fly on massive discounts or even for free when they are not on duty. This offer extends to their family members as well. So, you could visit Disneyland with your kids or enjoy restaurants Lauderdale by the sea with your significant other without having to break the bank.  

The Cons of Working as Flight Attendants

  • A flight attendant’s job is exceptionally hectic. While it is true that many can adjust their schedule, this perk is on a seniority basis. You’ll always be on reserve/call and be called to duty on a moment’s notice at the start of your career. You won’t have prior notice of when, where, or how long you’ll be going.
  • Because flight attendants are always on the go and rarely at home, your family life may suffer. The continuous travel makes it hard to keep up with friends and other loved ones. They often miss out on important family events as well. 
  • Although the job has its perks, the starting pay for a flight attendant is relatively low. The US’s average salary of a flight attendant is around 42 thousand dollars, but the starting salary is even lower. Earning above 70 thousand is unheard of unless you have been at it for 10 to 15 years, which is seldom the case.

Like all professions, working as a flight attendant comes with its pros and cons. As you can tell, it’s a young person’s game – perfect for those looking to explore the world and meet new people without spending a fortune. However, it is tough to maintain that sort of lifestyle for too long, particularly with a family.


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