The Single Greatest Wrestlemania of All Time: Revisiting Caesar’s Palace in 1993

by Staff & Contributors

Wrestlemania 31 will take place Sunday March 29 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, and promises to deliver one of the most watched events in the series’ prestigious history.

It will have to go some distance to supersede the incredible Wrestlemania 9 in 1993, however, which took place in the lavish Caesar’s Palace. While this venue is renowned more for its gambling facilities and as one of the world’s top online casinos, 22 years ago it became the temporary home of professional wrestling’s most anticipated events.

Wrestlemania 9: A Brief Recap

Few Wrestlemania installments generated as much interest as the ninth, thanks primarily to a pair of compelling storylines and the excellent work done by the Caesar’s Palace marketing experts. The first narrative was based on the seemingly unstoppable Yokozuna challenging fan favorite Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart for the coveted WWF Championship in the main event. While this took center stage, however, a second plot theme was conceived when the iconic Hulk Hogan announced his return after retiring at the end of Wrestlemania 8.

Inevitably, the two storylines merged to create a spectacular showcase on the night. In a classic battle that pitted Hart’s technical ability against the size and brawn of Yokozuna, the champion looked to have the advantage until the latters’ manager intervened to devastating effect. While Hart had Yokozuna held in his signature Sharpshooter submission hold, Yokozuna’s manager threw salt into the champions’ eyes from the sidelines. This completely debilitated and disorientated Hart, who was subsequently pinned and surrendered his title. In an incredible twist, the returning Hulk Hogan challenged Yokozuna to face him in the aftermath of the fight and emerged victorious when the Japanese fighter was accidentally blinded by his own manager.

The Legacy of Wrestlemania 9

While the icon Hulk Hogan may have emerged victorious from the carnage of Wrestlemania 9, the real winners were Caesars Palace. Using all their experience and lavish, open spaces that laid on a spectacular event, while also creating a Roman-inspired theme that captured the imagination of fans from around the world. There are few events that have come close to matching Wrestlemania 9 as a spectacle, and for those who were there it is undoubtedly the single greatest installment of this classic series.

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