MAKE THIS HAPPEN: LEGO Muppets in the Idea Stage on LEGO CUUSOO

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

LEGO CUUSOO, a website that allows users to submit LEGO products ideas to potentially be turned into commercially available sets, has been the incubator for such fantastic things as this month’s Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean (and LEGO Ghostbusters is in the REVIEW STAGE!).

LEGO CUUSOO user Quinn Rollins (@jedikermit) has submitted the often customized, never realized LEGO Muppets sets, with LEGO Star Wars Muppets being the cherry on top because HOLY SHIT LEGO STAR WARS MUPPETS.

just imagine these but LEGO

LEGO already owns the Star Wars license, so this would be a natural variation in the LEGO Muppet line. I love the potential sets that jedikermit has proposed on the CUUSOO page.

Head on over to jedikermit’s idea stage page on LEGO CUUSOO and hit SUPPORT. It’s free to support, and when the project gains 10,000 supporters the CUUSOO Team will review it and decide whether or not to produce it. LEGO MUPPETS, people. Let’s do this.

because this was the greatest magazine cover of our childhood


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