Great Brain Training Games to Play This Year

by Staff & Contributors

Games are one of the most engaging ways to pass the time these days. If you don’t want to waste your time, you can boost particular skills playing a game. Feel free to scroll down below and review the best brain training games to play this year.


Left vs. Right

It is a game with fast-growing popularity. It allows users to train their brains thanks to 51 well-thought-out levels with tasks. This mobile game will help you develop awareness, reasoning, patience, reflex, etc.

It helps develop both sides of the brain thanks to interesting and quite complicated tasks. For instance, you have to look at different shapes closely and pick those that move faster than others.

You can gain your memory by noting what your virtual customers order and trying to recall their orders. The game also helps those who often ask their mates, “Guys, who can do my math homework?”. The restaurant mode requires players to calculate a share of a bill, depending on what others have ordered.


Two Dots

This one is a simple but very popular game for training the brain. Its concept is simple and straightforward. A player needs to remove a particular number of dots of each color. The only way to erase dots is to connect them. Two dots are the minimum number of points that can be linked. A player can join them vertically and horizontal only.

However, a player needs to pass a level in a particular amount of time or use a limited number of moves. As a result, playing this game, you will need to create advanced strategies on how to connect as many as possible dots in one move.

Helpful hint: if you create a closed shape by connecting the last dot with the first one, all other dots that have the same color disappear. It will help you to pass a stage faster and move to the next level.



Is it difficult to find a game that will perfectly suit all your needs? Download Lumosity on your smartphone or tablet and get a well-tailored brain-training game.


You will need to pass a ten-minute test so that the game will examine your core skills. After this, it will compare them to other players’ average values and create a unique program for you. The app will provide you with games to gain your speed, problem-solving, or any other skills.

It can train your math skills and improve your vocabulary. Therefore, if you’re an international student, download this game and learn new words every day.

For now, if you have poor writing skills, but want to get high grades, find a great assignment writing platform. If you have any doubts and don’t want to share your credit card credentials at unknown websites, feel free to ask your friends, “Can you write my essay?” Anyway, it’s easy to get a high-quality paper for a low price these days.


Tricky Test 2

Do you want to examine your knowledge in a fun and interesting way? If so, download this game. It won’t offer you simple questions about the number of states in the US. The game consists of questions that seem obvious but require you to think critically to find a correct answer.

Do you know how to put an elephant into a fridge? If no, you won’t pass this level, playing Tricky Test 2 on your smartphone. This game will drive you to think deeply for finding a solution. Players are allowed to shake, rotate, or even kiss their phones.


Easy Game

Unfortunately, the game’s name doesn’t correspond to the level of its complexity. It offers tasks with possible answers and only one of them is correct. It will require you to think a lot about every option and examine any possible pitfalls before pressing a button.

For instance, it will show you a maze with four different enters. Some burglars want to get the safe into the center of the maze. You will need to check possible paths for every burglar and discover who will reach the safe first.

It will also help you gain your analytical skills. In case you’re a student who doesn’t want to surf the Internet, trying to find an answer to the question, “Who can do my statistics homework fast?” download this game and train your brain.


How Long Should I Play Games?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to boost your skills fast by playing brain-training games the entire day. Vice versa, if you spend a lot of time holding your device and playing games, it will negatively affect your physical and mental health.

The best way to train your brain and boost your skills is to play such games for 30-60 minutes every day. Regular brain workout is the only way to improve your problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.


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