First-rate Organizations Where You Can Apply After Passing CompTIA Certification SY0-501 Practice Test

Passing SY0-501 exam makes you a CompTIA Security+ certified IT professional. That means you are knowledgeable about the fundamental principles of network security as well as risk management. In particular, you have the necessary talent and knowledge in installing and configuring cybersecurity controls and mitigating risks.

Certified Security+ professionals are sought by many employers around the world, with very appealing salary compensation. However, a higher pay is not the only benefit that must encourage you to become certified, since a lot of advantages actually await you with this kind of credential at hand. These include higher chances of promotion and recognition that you will be ensured of in the organization you will soon get to be a part of. In this article, let us go over some of the best companies or organizations that hire most of these certified IT professionals.

1.               Booz, Allen, and Hamilton

The Booz Allen Hamilton has annual salaries that range from around $ 55,142 for a consultant to $132,163 for Lead Associate. In the United States, this company can be located in Washington, McLean, Arlington, and San Diego. As a certified Security+ professional, you can work as a management consultant, software engineer, intelligence analyst, IT consultant, business process/ management consultant, data scientist, etc. This company has several good reviews when it comes to company outlook, to learning and development, and to manager relationship, communication, and appreciation.

Your average salary in Booz, Allen, and Hamilton is around $ 80,000. Aside from its flexible time schedule and casual environment atmosphere, you will enjoy some of its retirement and financial benefits such as profit sharing, 401(k) media salary, paid holidays/ vacations, education/ training/ tuition/ certification reimbursement. Moreover, it also offers health and insurance benefits life and stock purchase plan. A few are even given pension and welfare benefits and get free Study Labs .

2.               U.S. Air Force (USAF)

Located in various parts of the United States, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) is among the top organizations that employ certified Security+ professionals. The average salary is around $ 59,000.00. Like the previous company mentioned, the USAF also provides benefits to its employees including paid holidays/ vacations, 401 (k), life insurance/ disability, and reimbursement of education/ training/ tuition/ certification.

In the USAF, the job roles you can take include being an intelligence analyst, avionics technician, aircraft mechanic/ service technician, logistics manager, aircraft and powerplant mechanic, contracting officer, and even military pilot.

3.               U.S. Army

The U.S. Army in San Antonio, Colorado Springs, Fayetteville, El Paso, and other areas of the United States employ intelligence analyst, information technology specialist, logistics manager, etc. Along with the benefits offered, its average salary is $57,000.00. Those with no certifications will, of course, have lower compensations as compared to those who are certified, especially if you are a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

4.               General Dynamics Information Technology Inc.

The average salary at General Dynamics Information Technology is around $ 77,000. The company aims to address customers’ challenges and provide solutions related to IT and its technologies. This company can be found in Washington, Fairfax, Tampa, Sierra Vista, and other parts of the United States. Like all the previously-mentioned companies, the General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. also offers financial, retirement, and health insurance benefits to its employees.

Most of their employees are Senior Systems Administrator, Systems Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and many more. This company also has a great manager relationship and communication with good company outlook.

5.               Lockheed Martin Corp.

Located at Orlando, Fort Worth, Denver, Sunnyvale, and other parts of the United States, the Lockheed Martin Corp is a global security, aerospace, and advanced technologies company. There are a variety of job roles on offer for those who pass Security+ exam. You can be a software engineer, senior systems engineer, and senior software engineer. As far as the reviews of this company go, it has a great overall employee satisfaction rate according to PayScale. The management and work time schedule is great as well.

6.               Top Schools

Aside from companies, there are also schools that scout certified IT professionals. These schools include Western Governors University (WGU), University of Phoenix, University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and American Military University.

The Western Governors University gives out around $69,000 average salaries to its employees. Employees can be an information technology manager, systems administrator, network engineer, and IT director. The University usually employs graduates who have experience in IT security and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the University of Maryland University College offers an average salary of $75,000 to its employees who are network engineers, information security analyst, and cybersecurity analyst.

Some of the popular jobs offered in the American Military University are intelligence analyst, information security analyst, cyber security analyst, and operations manager. The average salary is around $73,000. The university’s most professional field is on the IT services, hence, most graduates become Information Security Officers, and other job roles related to IT.


Preparing for the exam may take a great investment from you. You need to exert enough time, effort, and money to pursue it. You have to be committed. But knowing the great things stored for you once you become a certified IT professional should keep you going. You see? Being an IT certified professional is such an asset for you. There are many companies and organizations looking out for you. There are several opportunities waiting for you. You will be able to stand out and compete with your fellow IT professionals. You will have what it takes to take on job roles suited to you. Earning IT certifications will widen your social network and advance your career opportunities.

Particularly, CompTIA Security+ certification will help you in understanding network security. It is designed toward understanding threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities using security technologies and tools and identifying and accessing risk management, cryptography, and security architecture. Revise the learnt material with CompTIA Certification SY0-501 Practice Test to be confident at the certification exam. Passing SY0-501 will hone your knowledge and skills that are very important once in the actual work environment. With that, you will be able to apply and translate what you learn.

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