Enjoy Card Games With Your Friends

The better memories of our lives are the times we spent playing our favorite games with our friends. The competitive spirit would take over and the focus would shift to whoever was winning. It wasn’t always fair, but it was always fun. The lovely memories that came with those games are synonymous with the games themselves. Gamezy app has a lot of games that can be played with your friends. With the right way and skill to play these games, you can be a master and participate in games online. Gamezy connects you with other players and lets you play your hand with real opponents from all over the world.

How do you invite friends to play on the Gamezy app with you?

Once you have downloaded the app, you can refer your friends and earn cash! Open the app and click on the “Earn Money” icon in the bottom right corner. The screen then displays a referral code that you can send to your friends. If your friends use the code, then you can win up to 1500 rupees for every friend. Both of you get a 15% bonus every time your friend plays a cash game. If your friend plays cash games up to 500 rupees then both of you get 75 rupees. If they play games up to 10,000 rupees then both of you get 1500 rupees. You can even see your total earnings through referrals on this screen.

Card games on Gamezy

Gamezy is popular for keeping you engrossed with the games they have to offer. They offer the most dynamic card games – Gamezy poker and Gamezy rummy. Both these games can be enjoyed with friends. To get started on rummy, you first need to choose if you wish to play games or participate in tournaments. If you wish to play games, then you have 4 options of points, 101 pool, deals, and 201 pool. You can add cash to your wallet based on what you choose. All of these have games with different entry fees. Once you have added cash, the game begins.

Playing poker on Gamezy is exciting as well. To get started, you have to choose between games and tournaments. Once you do that, you can choose between 3 variants of poker – Hold ‘em, Omaha, and Omaha 5 cards. The minimum and maximum buy-in are mentioned against blinds. You can start by simply adding cash to your wallet!

For all the games that you are joining, you can see how many players are online and playing currently. You can also see the number of registration spots open for tournaments. Invite your friends and sign up for games to revisit the fun and playful banter. Don’t let distance stop you from doing what you love best.

Play multiple games and track them easily on Gamezy

The more games you participate in, the higher are your chances of winning. If you are playing multiple games at the same time, you can track them by clicking on the “My Games” icon at the bottom of the page. It will systematically display the games in progress along with the upcoming and finished games.

Whether you are missing the intense atmosphere of a card game or simple joys with friends, Gamezy has got your back!

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