Apps that Help Reduce Stress Levels

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The manner in which people deal with stress has changed in a number of ways since the beginning of the pandemic. There have always been mobile apps around that primarily focus on individuals’ physical health by reminding them to exercise or by tracking their chronic conditions. However recently these tools have all expanded their reach and now focus on mental health as well.

Coping with stress is no easy thing but through the use of technology it has been made easier. Making use of a Managed Services Provider London businesses trust is another great way to alleviate the amount of stress you may have. Many new apps have been introduced to help people manage their everyday stressors as well as mobile tools that address more serious issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Below are a few apps that can prove very useful when trying to reduce your levels of stress.

What’s Up?

Times have changed since the start of the pandemic which has resulted in people experiencing new kinds of stress. A lot of them have been given the tools to use to try and cope from home but it is not always effective. That Is where an app like What’s Up can be very useful. This free app uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy methods to help people cope with their anxiety and stress. When using business IT Support London Solutions, many people have experienced a drop in their levels of stress.

Gratitude Journal

Research has found that an effective way to combat stress is to try and think about everything that you are thankful for. Anxiety tends to make it difficult for people to be grateful for everything they have. What the Gratitude Journal app does is it gives you a convenient place to record everything that you are thankful for and at any time you can retrain your brain to view any particular moment in a more positive way.


As many people know taking a second to breathe is a very good coping mechanism for moments of heavy anxiety or stress. The Breathe2Relax app is there to help you with breathing techniques during times of deep stress. Like this app, IT support companies use various techniques that benefit their clients. It gives you detailed instructions and exercises for diaphragm breathing to fight against the body’s fight or flight reaction. These actions will help you reduce your levels of stress.

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