20 Reasons Mustaches are Cool Every Month, Not Just “Movember”

These days, mustaches are a trend. Nothing more than an internet meme and an extension of hipster branding. In the 1980s though, mustaches were legit.

They weren’t there to capitalize on some internet popularity contest or to make a fashion statement. Back then, mustaches were hairy extensions of virile ass kickers. Only the manliest men or downright coolest cats in the land could wear a ‘stache. The 80s brought us a ton of different mustaches, from the fancy ladies men, to the brawlin’ bruisers with big bushy upper lips.

Today we pay tribute to the 20 ‘staches that madeĀ children of the 80s realize mustaches were cool in every month, not just “Movember”.

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20. They were classy and sophisticated


19. They were remarkable storytellers


18. They were the perfect way to say “Hello”


17. They were flamethrowers


16. They had access to the top secret Gadgetphone


15. They were welcome celebrated in America


14. They were handy to have around


13. They were weird (in a good way)


12. They loved an adventure


11. They went Bandit- “Reynolds style”


10. They charmed the princess


9. They saved the princess


8. They commanded respect


7. They kicked ass in the name of America


6. There was nothing in Eternia they couldn’t fix


5. They will, they will rock you


4. They believed in anything, as long as there’s a steady paycheck in it


3. This.


2. If you trained, said your prayers and took your vitamins they could look like this

Hulk Hogan


1. They just ruled

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