6 Writing and Editing Technological Tools for Students

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The possibility of overlooking the importance of writing great standard essays involves several processes. For one to write well, they must include research, excellent writing skills, and editorial skills. As a student, it is a must that you master the various skills regardless of the paper you are writing. Surprisingly, not so many students bother to either proofread or edit their essays before they submit.

While many students can deliver their essay papers on time, fewer of them are of high standards. It is caused by the lack of writing skills and coherently expresses the ideas. Mostly, you may find long and tedious sentences, poor grammar, and spelling mistakes. While some may be doing this unknowingly, a majority is caused by the lack of efficient ways of proofreading papers.

It is always important to pay attention to detail, even for smart students. Well, the existence of technological tools that enhance the editing and proofreading process makes work more comfortable. The following tools offer great assistance to students in making the editing of essays and other related works of writing easy.

Great Editorial and Proofreading Tools for College Students

Here are some of the most used tools by students in editing essay papers. Proofreading your work after writing prevents you from submitting a poor quality essay. Below is a review of each device you may use to deliver high-quality work effectively.


Most students always experience some challenges coming up with ideas to write their essays. Well, bubbl.us may not be an editing or proofreading tool as such, but it is useful for idea development. Before you can start writing, you need ideas on what to write and how you will approach it. There are different ways of coming up with writing ideas:

  • You can use prompts
  • Reading through related texts
  • Eavesdropping on friends

The app offers its services for free. You can use it to brainstorm on different ideas for any write-up. You may choose to arrange your ideas through the bubbl.us colors, format options, and different font sizes. You can also save your data if you register on their site.


There are a lot of mistakes that you may make during the writing of an essay. It is usually tiresome and time consuming to edit the paper in the old way. Reading through the paper numerous times to be sure that there are no errors left. Well, for a paper that is more than 20 pages long, it will take a bit of time to complete, except for an experienced essay writer.

However, with the use of a tool like Grammarly, editing becomes easier. The tool browses through an uploaded paper and identifies mistakes and grammatical errors. Also, it provides options as feedback to correct the errors. You can customize your corrections to fit the intended purposes.

One look Reverse Dictionary

In writing, we must use different words and collocations to provide a high-quality paper conveniently. This app helps you remember words that are right to apply in your essay.

One Look Reverse Dictionary makes you remember specific and right words applicable to the paper. Just type in the idea, and the right words will pop up for you.

Pro-Writing Aid

Sometimes we write essays, and then some errors affect its readability. To improve it, there are different tools such as the pro-writing Aid which can help you. Using such a tool, college students can help to get rid of the many errors that are common to rectify it.

Well, with unwanted repetition of specific words and use of passive voice sentences, your paper can be of poor quality — the features of this tool help in removing clichés, vague phrases, long sentences, and repetitiveness.

Clichés Finder

Most students use clichés in their writing, especially when under pressure to deliver. The cliché finder can assist you in removing any repetitions or cliché words. The tool is easy to use since you only need copy and then paste the writing in the toolbox and then click the “clichés finder” option. It is hard to avoid clichés. They make the text boring to read, and this is the tool to help you avoid such instances.

WriteCheck Plagiarism Checker

It is a huge mistake to write non-original content or copy from someone else. The tool has features that browse through both the text and the internet to check for originality. Once you have uploaded the text, you will download it. If there are any plagiarized texts, it highlights for you to rewrite it.

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