Wife Pretty Hall of Fame February 2013 – Lyndsy Fonseca (Ted Mosby’s Daughter)

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by UnderScoopFire Staff & Contributors on February 28, 2013

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Kids, I realize you’ve been on the couch for a really long time. Maybe I should land the plane.

While “Future Ted Mosby” has kept his kids hostage on the couch for eight years as he regales them with every detail of his life leading up to the moment he met their mother, we’ve gotten to see them age before our eyes.

The actress who plays Ted Mosby’s daughter is now 26, and has quietly achieved Wife Pretty status.

Besides How I Met Your Mother, Lyndsy Fonseca has appeared on Desperate Housewives, The Young and the Restless, The CW’s Nikita, and 2010′s Kick Ass. She was listed at #62 in the 2010 Maxim Hot 100 and #89 on the 2011 list-an undeserved downward trend. No way she’s 27 spots “unhotter” than she was the year prior. See for yourselves:

lyndsy fonseca hot


lyndsy fonseca how i met your mother

lyndsy fonseca maxim

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  • Brian Morin

    Holy crap! Not that she was ugly at age 18, but I would have never thought that she’d turn out to be this hot! She’s got my vote.

  • http://teamhellions.com Kevin Hellions

    Her mom better be hot. Also, we better get to meet her in the season finale because I’m getting tired of Ted.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      You know she will be. This season has been great- really stepped up their game this year.

  • http://aeiouwhy.blogspot.com Dex (@Dex1138)

    I think she was in one o them Final Destination movies too…it’s early. Too lazy to IMDB it.
    Also, not sure how I feel about having the word daughter next to wife pretty…makes it feel a little wrong for ogling her. Giggidy!

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      We’ll take it as a compliment any time a WPHOFer is awarded a “giggidy”!

  • James

    GREAT choice. I love when they give us quick glimpses of her on HIMYM. She looks at least 10 years older than her brother now, but when we started they looked like they could have been twins!

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      good point!

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